Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas For Small Yards

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Not everyone is privileged enough to own a big backyard. If you reside in areas with smaller outdoor spaces, it is imperative you creatively design your yard. It does not matter whether you stay in a duplex, rowhouse, condominium, penthouse or residential property with a lot of indoor spaces and little outdoor space, you can still lay out a yard with flowers, plants and chairs. On the internet and architectural magazines, you will be exposed to a lot of garden techniques and styles. This shows no matter how small your land is; there is a backyard for you. Before we go into in-depth analysis, here is the summary of the ideas we will explore:

  • Build a low-maintenance non-slip composite decking that is cost-effective as well as easy and cheap to maintain. An excellent example of this is composite decking materials. 
  • If you have extremely limited space, consider the container garden. It is suitable for places that lack soil. You can plant flowers, botanicals, legumes and herbs. All you need is fertile soils enclosed in containers (pots, tubs, bowls, wooden boxes and even vases). 
  • Enclosed/private gardens are another way of utilising small space for gardening purposes. Here, you can use fences, walls, creeper plants, hedges to create enclosure and seclusion. 
  • You can grow a miniature garden in your kitchen or dining area and even include a grill. 
  • Growing vertical or hanging gardens is a great way of utilising your small yards for your garden needs. In this style of gardening, you plant your garden in a vertical direction or upwards. This will save you space and cost, 

Create outdoor living spaces

Outdoor space increases your chances of having a more relaxing and enjoyable summer and low-maintenance decking option (like the composite deck) translates to low maintenance and more relaxation. With decking, you have very few grasses and weed to cater for. You can add a dining table and barbeque for a more entertaining effect. 

Plant mulch beds instead of grass

Around your deck, we advise you plant mulch beds rather than grasses. It is cost effective and great for your garden as it retains soil nutrients, improves your plant growth, suppresses weed and improves your garden aesthetics. It is very low maintenance as there is no need to plow or irrigate it. It only needs replacement during the fall, so it is affordable. Mulch also has an aromatic fragrance, which is great for your yard. 


Lavender is an extremely important plant. It is colourfully beautiful and has a nice fragrance. It is an annual plant and needs watering weekly if there is no frequent rain. Lavender also repels insects like flies, moths and mosquitoes. This can be helpful in areas with serious mosquito epidermic. Mosquitoes and other unwelcome insects dislike the smell of lavender. It can be planted near your windows to keep insects away. 

Potted flowers

You can make your yard more low-maintenance by using pots to grow your flowers and plants. It can also add colour to your yard. Potted flowers are equally portable, which helps when you are having a gathering or celebration in your yard. You can create an exciting colour play to match the season, for instance you can have cream and rose coloured flowers during the summer and amber and orange coloured flowers in autumn. 

Artificial grass or turf

Do you have children or pets? Then you have to consider artificial grass. It is very cost-effective and low maintenance, as you wouldn’t have to water or mow it, neither can pets destroy it. It retains its green beauty and grassiness without the need for chemicals and herbicide. Artificial grasses completely eradicate the problem of pests and insects lounging around for food. It is eco-friendly because you wouldn’t need to use toxic fertiliser on it. 

Rocks and personalised stones

Rocks are great materials for a low-maintenance yard. They can be used to decorate your yard as well as create pathways. And also, grasses do not grow on rocks. This means they lessen the need for trimming, irrigating and mowing. Rocks can survive in extreme or harsh climatic conditions. They are the key to adding texture, depth and assortment to your yard. Rocks are also aesthetically pleasing and easy to care for. 

Final thoughts

We have analysed the various ways you can make your yard ‘low-maintenance’. This requires creativity and research. Equally, the steps above will help you beautify and lessen your yard’s upkeep. None of the projects above are expensive or tiresome. Before long, your yard will be the envy of the neighbours. For more information you can ask Tree Service Stockton to help you.

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