Here Are 5 Tips on How to Make the Most of IGTV Videos to Enhance your Brand Strategy

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Utilizing social media has become an essential makeup of any proper brand strategy. If someone were to ask a professional in the marketing world twenty years ago about how they felt about social media, they’d be clueless about what they were even talking about. Social media is a relatively new concept and is continually evolving with new platforms coming and going. As much of the evolving concept social media might seem, one popular platform that has emerged in recent memory is Instagram. It’s no secret people love Instagram because of its simplicity, attractive manner with images, and overall appeal that most other social media platforms haven’t been able to achieve.  Still, it begs the question of how brands can enhance their brand strategy, and if interested, be sure to go right here to learn more.

No matter what the specifics of the matter might be, one of Instagram’s most unique components of its platform is IGTV videos. Instagram TV or IGTV, allows Instagram users to upload videos similar to YouTube, where they’re longer than the traditional sixty-second limit attached to video posts on Instagram. Nevertheless, down below is a list of five tips on making the most of IGTV videos to enhance your brand strategy. Be sure to take a close examination at these tips and how they can potentially help you and your brand thrive strategy-wise. 

1. Make a Goal

Nothing is complete without a proper goal in place. Regarding IGTV, there needs to be a purpose of why a business would even consider doing one in the first place. No one would sit through the entirety of an IGTV video unless it appealed to them. Just like no one will follow a brand on Instagram unless the brand interested them, the rule applies to videos on Instagram. Plus, considering videos take up much more time than a traditional post, there needs to be an outline of what this video will actually achieve. Basically, understand the purpose behind your IGTV video, rather than doing it for the sake of doing it.

2. Make the First 60 Seconds Engaging

When someone sees an IGTV video on their feed, the first sixty seconds is what they’ll see initially before anything else. Once the sixty seconds are up, they can hit the bottom right corner to view it in IGTV to finish off the video. As a result, every brand needs to map out how they can make their IGTV video engaging from the start. There shouldn’t be an intro or anything that’ll drag on for too long that’ll potentially distract a user from becoming engaged with the video. Always get to the chase.

3. Make the Audience Want More

Since the full viewing of an IGTV video requires the user to actually click on it rather than it playing altogether from the start, the video needs to want the audience wanting more. If they have the patience to watch the first sixty seconds, usually the fifty to sixty-second mark is an excellent point to have a cliff-hanger. Like how shows will tease the audience before going to a commercial break, that same method for having them want more should be applied to IGTV videos. Not having the audience want more will render the video useless and not accomplish the goal you set out to do.

4. Stay on Brand

Consistency is critical when it comes to social media for brands, and getting off-brand will confuse your audience. Always try to stay consistent and understand how your IGTV videos should look with regards to your other posts. As a good rule of thumb, consider checking out other brands to see how they stay on brand and what they do to achieve that specific goal. Borrowing others’ ideas isn’t shameful unless you’re flat-out copying from, but it doesn’t hurt to get inspired.

5. Keep Quality in Mind

Like how you have a high-quality peace of mind attached to your standard posts, remember to apply this same level of quality understanding to your IGTV. Don’t rush an IGTV video because everyone else is doing one. Film it well, get your message across, and post it when it’s good to post.

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