4 Places to Visit in Europe Post-Lockdown

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Many of us have not been on holiday for at least half a year because of the current climate. However, now is a great time to start doing a post-lockdown travel list! Europe is a perfect place to visit as it is so diverse and unique, from a tiny Greek island to a cool Scandinavian city, we’ve put together five places we can’t wait to visit after the lockdown. 

London, England

London is a great place to explore as there is something for everyone! It’s a big and exciting city with plenty of places to discover. First of all, it’s important to note that there are many free attractions such as the National Gallery, Science Museum, National History Museum but also breath-taking sights and activities to enjoy if you’re willing to pay for them. If you can get your hands on some London Eye tickets, then definitely go and check this out, it’s an amazing way to view the city from above. London is also great for shopping, from Camden Town market to the famous Oxford Street.

Geirangerfjord, Norway

If you are looking for majestic, natural attractions then Norway is definitely the place for you. Geirangerfjord is an amazing attraction as it is Norway’s most famous fjord and the home of “de Syv Søstre” (The Seven Sisters) waterfall, one of the tallest waterfalls in Norway with seven separate streams. Located in the south-west of Norway, the fjord itself is surrounded by staggering green peaks and deep blue water, there’s no wonder it is included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.  

Cinque Terre, Italy

Italy is an amazing location for its incredible food, people, and landscapes. Cinque Terre is situated on the Italian Riviera in the Northwest of Italy, it’s a beautiful little coastal town that would literally blow your mind with its wonderful colours and perfect architecture. In general, Italy is a wonderful place to eat authentic pasta dishes, pizza and drink good wines. Cinque Terre has some great little local restaurants that you should definitely try once you’re there, such as Ristorante Miky for example.

Riquewihr, France

If you’re looking for authenticity, Riquewihr is the perfect village to find just that. Situated on the Alsace Wine Route in eastern France, this little town is filled with winemaker’s shops and romantic medieval houses. You would be surprised that you’re actually in France and not Germany! Riquewihr was also the inspiration for Beauty and the Beast’s fairytale location as it’s so charming and unique in itself. The best time of the year to visit this beautiful village and the Alsace region in general is definitely Christmas as it’s renowned for the best Christmas markets in the country. 



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