The Moving Checklist: What You Absolutely Cannot Forget When Moving Into a New Apartment

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Moving day and everything is in chaos. Sound familiar? It does to most people. Whether we move from city to city, state to state, or country to country – it’s’ always the same story. The apartments we move to don’t have the same amenities that we’re used to, or they’re completely uncomfortable and counter-intuitive (at least at first). They just don’t feel like home. When moving to a new place, you want to ensure the previous residents’ dirt and grime is fully cleaned out of the apartment prior to moving your belongings inside – then a quick dust and sweep is all the cleaning required. We created a list of what to do in order to make the transition smoother, and to make yourself feel at home as soon as you can. Not only that – but some tips on how to hack a new apartment in a matter of minutes as well! Here are the basics:

Lighting – Replace ASAP

Whenever you move to a new place or to a new office space, the first thing you usually notice is the lighting. Even if you don’t realize it. Lighting is something that sets the mood and the stage for your life. If your light is depressing, it will have a huge impact on the feel of the entire place. What are you supposed to replace it with? 

Pesky and creepy batten lighting – this is the curse of a lot of office buildings but also apartment kitchens. These lights have a tendency to flicker, trap insects under their fixtures, and go out with a bang. Replace them as soon as you can with LED batten lights – they’ll stop flickering and give a daylight effect. This will actually have some influence on your mood and productivity – we’re not even making it up. Studies have shown that good lighting makes people feel better, happier, and more productive! 

Hospital lights – if you have a normal light fixture but whatever is in it makes you feel like you’re in an operating room or a laboratory, then yes, it’s time to replace those lights with LEDs as well. LEDs mimic sunlight and will make your apartment feel homey. 

Kitchen Problems 

There are several problems you may encounter in an apartment kitchen, and since this is the place where you perform the intimate rituals of breakfast, dinner, coffee, and mingling with your family, it’s a problem if you think there’s something off about it. 

Cabinet liners – this is a great way to ensure you don’t only get your deposit back but feel like this space is really yours. It’s going to make any packaged food you put on your shelves safe from direct contact with the shelf, and if you ever have any spillage of things like curry or paprika, you’re going to thank that liner. 

Disinfectant  – yes, whenever you move you should get a huge spray can of surface cleaner, paper towels, and go to town on everything you can get your hands on. Most people trust how the apartment has been cleaned before your arrival – but you’ll be more comfortable if you just make sure. 

When you’re unpacking, make sure to mark the boxes with the absolutely necessary items and have them within reach. Things like plates, forks, cups, and glasses should be front and center – not to mention pots and pans and a cutting board along with a knife! 


Some of the same rules apply to the bathroom, which should also be your personal sacred space – it’s where you go to relax and destress after a difficult day. Go ahead and march in there with cleaning products and take a moment to go over everything. 

Scents and candles – If you don’t have a favorite air freshener, maybe you should consider a gentle one. If you can’t, scented candles work very well to make this space “your own”. Candles in general are a good idea to bring when moving. They’ll help you celebrate that first evening in the new place when you want to set a relaxing mood and rest from all your hard work. 


There is one golden rule when moving your bedroom stuff – and that is the bed comes first. Whenever you move, always make sure that you have clean and comfortable sheets ready to put on the bed, and your bed is the first thing that gets put together. Why? What safer personal space than your bed? Once that’s taken care of, you know you can tackle anything else because your place for rest is just waiting there for you to be done. 


The main thing to remember when moving is to bring your soul with you first.  Bring the things that make you feel at home even if they make no sense – and remember about your list of necessities that will make life bearable while you are moving. Keep in mind setting the mood, the right lighting, and staying calm to feel at home straight from the start. 

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