Amazing Travel Destinations for Students

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Every student faces three key problems when entering college: no time, no money, and no fun. One of the main reasons for “no-time” becomes the high academic workload: young people have to deal with attending lectures, doing homework, working on different projects and tasks which take a lot of time and energy. While you can always receive assignment writing help from your mates or even experts, there is still the problem of no-money. Still, you can also solve it by sparing time for a part-time job (and delegating your college tasks to professionals). But what is the no-fun problem?

College years are probably the best time you have in your life, so they should be used wisely. For example, for discovering the world when you are young, free, and strive for adventures. Forget about all the clichés and limitations: even on a student budget, you can still visit amazing travel destinations and receive unforgettable experiences. In this guide, we will talk about the best options you can have.


Many tourists target far too expensive Italy and Greece and ignore their cheaper but no less beautiful neighbor – Albania. If you are interested in ancient history, here you can attend a range of museums dedicated to the remains of ancient empires. The country is also proud of great sandy beaches known as the Albanian Riviera, different activities for tourists` entertainment, cheap food, and hostels compared to most European countries;

The Netherlands

Even though Amsterdam is believed to be quite overpriced, it still has a lot to offer for a budget traveler. In this city, you can attend such free sites as the Floating Flower Market and Museum Quarter, take a walking tour with a guide around the city, attend concerts or make a little trip via canal cruises. Student ID will give you discounts for many other attractions, including museums, cafes, and activities, while the great choice of hostels can provide you with a cheap and clean room somewhere near the center; 


For some reason, Asia is not so popular for travelers, and going there, people usually prefer Thailand or Vietnam as a good option. Compared to highly expensive Thailand, unknown and mysterious Cambodia can become a perfect budget-friendly destination. Here you can attend sites protected by UNESCO, enjoy beautiful nature, go to Monkey Island, and get entertained with a story about King Kong. There are no fees for entrance to many interesting places, and the country also has quite low prices for living, food, and transportation;


This country is now having bad times attracting tourists, no matter what local businesses, companies, and even the government try to do. All this makes it extremely budget-friendly and, thus, a great option for students. For example, in the capital, you can attend a lot of historic sites, attractions, and museums, while in Cartagena, you can admire the architecture of the colonial era and beautiful small cobblestones streets. You can stay either in a luxury hotel that will cost you under $100 or at an eco-friendly farm producing coffee for $30, which is a more exciting and unusual experience (one of the many you can find in Colombia);


Its most famous part is probably Bali Island, which is well-known as a place for all freelancers choosing it for the cheap cost of living. It’s the spot where you should probably be instead of thinking over the question ‘Who can do my homework cheap?’ Sandy beaches like the ones described on the best postcards, rainforests, and such activities as scuba diving and yoga near the ocean attract lots of tourists all year round. You can also count on clean accommodation on all of its one thousand islands, delicious food, and relaxing in the hammock just for a few bucks a day.


As the European cultural capital, this country has a lot to offer to demanding tourists, even though it`s extremely underrated. You can admire old Riga and its beautiful architecture on a cheap walking tour, attend its churches, Gauja National Park, and multiple museums placed inside real castles. At the same time, Latvia is quite inexpensive compared to its neighbors;


For just $30 per night, you can rent a room in a hotel and for $5, get a tasty meal. It sounds too good to be true, but it really is. Even if the tour to Machu Picchu is too expensive for you, you can always try different options like sailing down the river Amazon, attend Inca ruins, and just lay on beautiful white-sand beaches.

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