Turning Your Staycation into a Road Trip

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During the current climate, travelling overseas is a prospect that only a minority of us have really entertained. Why jump aboard a plane when there’s a virus on the lose and another lockdown could be imminent? As such, many of us have decided instead to take our holidays within the UK, rather than outside it. We’re quite blessed in this country, in that we have such a long history, and such a diversity of attractions and historic landmarks crammed into such a small space. As such, rather than settling on just one part of the country to enjoy, we can instead plan a road trip that takes us through several. You might think of a road trip of this sort as not just a single holiday, but several of them strung together. But how do you put together a road trip like this? Let’s look at a few practical considerations.

Planning Ahead

Of course, you’ll want to be sure when you set out that your accommodation is all booked and in order. The last thing you want to happen is for you to turn up at a new destination and find that there’s no room available in your hotel. Check-in usually occurs from the middle of the day, which gives you time to arrive from your previous destination, and perhaps explore your new surroundings during the morning. Make sure that the stops along your road trip are spaced such that you’ll be able to make the trip easily from one place to the next. Often, an unforeseen change in circumstances can scupper your plans for the day. Consequently, it’s worth having a backup plan. If it rains, then you can delay a planned trip to another time, and go visit an indoor attraction instead.

The Choice of Car

You’ll be spending quite a lot of time in your car over the course of the trip, so it’s worth making sure that it’s up to the job. That means comfort and fuel economy are important considerations, but then so is spaciousness – make sure that you’ve got room enough for everything. The Citroen C3 ticks several boxes, being inexpensive and comfortable.


During your road-trip, you’ll have plenty of small snatches of time during which to occupy yourself. Make sure that you have a means of doing so. This might mean packing a few audiobooks, games or films along for the ride.  

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