Deciding on Your Career Path

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Deciding on what career to follow can be a stressful experience because there are so many different things to think about. It can also feel as though there is a lot of pressure to make your choice correctly and it can be anxiety inducing to think that you may have made the wrong decision. In reality, a lot of people ending up changing careers completely during the course of their life and it is fairly rare that you make the perfect decision the first time, so try not to overly stress out about this. If you’re still undecided though, here are some tips that can help you along the way.

Playing to Your Strengths and Interests

When considering which career path to follow, some of the first things to think about are both your strengths and your interests. Following one without the other is useless. If you follow something you are naturally good at but have no interest in, you will not be happy with your career choice and subsequently will not have the motivation to stick with it or move up in your field. Equally, if you choose something that you enjoy doing but are not good at, then this might not get you that far either. With the latter, it is probably best to keep this as a hobby rather than making it your main source of income. For example, a lot of people enjoy singing and dancing, but this is not necessarily a wise career choice for many. Instead, it is best to be kept as something you do in your spare time as these fields are often quite competitive to move up in. 

Thinking About Employability 

If you are looking at careers that prioritise employability, it is necessary to work your way into a field that is high in demand. One field that is almost guaranteed to get you a job is analytics. This is something that pretty much every company requires, particularly with the modern move towards technology, so you are almost guaranteed a job if you go into this field. An undergraduate degree will provide you with a great in-depth sense of what a job in this field would potentially consist of. 

To get ahead, why not consider doing a masters analytics degree, which will ensure that you have the right knowledge that any job would require? You can find plenty of degrees online in analytics and similar fields, so you can gain valuable skills right from the comfort of your own home and in your own time. 

Speaking to People

As simple as it sounds, speaking to people that you know about their own careers can be a really useful way to shape your ideas and plans. Ask them about their job and their day to day activities, what their relationships with their colleagues are like, how they got to their job and whether they find it rewarding. This kind of knowledge can be really helpful in giving you an insight into different careers and can help you instantly decide whether what they have said appeals to you or not, coming from someone with first-hand experience. 

Getting Some Experience 

The best way to figure out what you actually like doing and what you are motivated by is to gain experience in a few different fields. This can be useful since it will help you find out what kind of person you are. Knowing simple things such as if you would prefer to do a hands on, practical job or a more theoretical office based one is really beneficial and can help you start deciding which route to follow. Creating a good CV and cover letter are essential first steps to doing this. These will present you and your attributes, so remember to get them proofread and double checked by a couple of people before sending them out. It is advised to try and get work experience in a variety of places, so spending a little bit of time on your application is advised. 

Remember, you are entirely in control of your future, so try and think of choosing your career path as an exciting, lifelong project. The key is to find your passion and the motivation will inevitably follow on from this. Once you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how exactly you are able to get there, you can start planning the specifics. It is vital to not let anything or anyone stand in your way. 

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