Unique Anniversary Gifts For Her: Things To Keep In Mind

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Anniversary gifts are one of those things that you really can’t afford to get wrong. When it comes to friends and family it’s OK to drop the ball every once in a while, but when it’s your wife you need to be on your A-game. If you feel like you’ve lost your anniversary gift mojo, here are some unique gift ideas to keep in mind the next time the big day rolls around.

Experiences Count As Gifts

The best gifts don’t always need to come wrapped in paper in order to make the day feel special. Sometimes giving the gift of experience can be the ultimate way to show your love. And don’t just wing it — think of something she’s always wanted to do, and really take a close, hard look at her extended bucket list to see if the perfect experience is on there. Maybe a trip to Paris is in order? Or ancient Rome perhaps? Or maybe even a skydive. All of these experiences she will remember forever, especially if you’re there too. For more tips on anniversary gift ideas visit anniversarygiftsbyyear.org

Modern Day Themes

Gone are the days when you had to match the year’s theme of cotton, paper, or wooden gifts. If you are stuck for ideas, then go modern. Go with a electronic gift, such as a tablet, smart watch, or new phone. Just stay away from any domestic items like dishes or vacuum cleaners. Keep it fresh.


When it comes to jewelry, the best bet is to go and see a specialist rather than purchase something online. This way you can be sure that you are getting something that is worth the money. Before you go out and buy the first thing you see, really look at what kind of jewelry your wife wears. You might notice that she only wears silver and doesn’t do necklaces. Earrings are always an easy one, as you can always find beautifully cut silver or gold diamond earrings that most women would love to receive. Just be absolutely certain that she has her ears pierced first!

Personalized Gifts

There is no limit to the number of gifts that you can buy that can be personalized. One of the best gift types being leather. If your wife’s purse or wallet looks as though it’s seen better days, why not look for an upgrade. Before you do this, have a look at what type of purse she currently owns. Does it have a coin pouch? Somewhere to keep her ID and cards and maybe another area. When you are looking for a purse, get one as close as you can to it, so you can be sure that she will be happy with it and use it. When it comes to personalization, why not get her initials pressed into the front of it? Not only does it look like a well thought out gift, the fact that it has been personalized means you went the extra mile for it. 


If you would rather give your wife something that means a lot to the both of you, why not create a photobook? You can take your favorite photos from the wedding and whatever other amazing experiences you have shared together and put them into a book. Photo albums are cherished in almost all homes, so why not spend time building one so you can look back through it with family later. 

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