Self-Made Millionaires: Unusual Ways They Became Rich

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Becoming a millionaire is one of the hardest tasks you can ever undertake. It is an arduous journey that requires incredible commitment and hard work. It is worth noting, though, that not everyone who tries to be a millionaire will succeed. In fact, the vast majority will fail. However, for those who succeed, it is an incredible feeling unlike any other. Business Insiders is one of the most popular and reputable sources of business news. According to the site, there are three types of self-made millionaires; savers, executives, and entrepreneurs. On the other hand, there are some unusual ways that some people become millionaires that may not easily fit into the three categories. Ways in which people become self-made millionaires include: 

Forex Trading

Though it is not new, several people have become millionaires through forex trading. Selling and buying of currencies is crucial in a global economy and many take part in the international foreign exchange market. The forex markets of the world are many times larger than the stock markets though they do not get as much attention. Therefore, it is a rare case to see millionaires of the forex markets mentioned. Placing a bet on a currency that pays off can earn you a lot of money. However, only consistency and hard work can make you a millionaire in this profession.

Online Business

One of the most unusual ways in which some people become millionaires is by starting and successfully running an online business. There are limitless types of businesses that you can start online. As there is no personal interaction, self-made online millionaires tend to be very obscure. Unless they offer proof, it can be very difficult to tell if one is a millionaire. It does not get as unusual as online business as you can provide any type of service and get paid for it. Some of them have even been involved in illegal activities.

Stock Trading

We all know that the stock market has produced many millionaires and billionaires. However, they are fewer and in between than most people think. In fact, many more people lose money in the stock market than those who make money. If you want to make money trading in the stock market, the experts at advice that you should look for great sources to learn how to trade for a living as well as many other trading techniques. If you are consistent enough in trading stocks, you may soon become an investor which would allow you to own large fractions of businesses then can lead you to become a billionaire.

Offering Personal Services

Several people have also become millionaires by offering their services personally to others. Most of these people offer services to the wealthy, whom they can charge a lot, hence become millionaires. An example of such services is becoming a high-end shopper for the mega-rich. You can also become a physical trainer or hypnotist to the rich and make a fortune. As long as you are highly skilled in a particular discipline, you can offer your services to a group of rich individuals and become rich. Such people also tend to be very private and obscure.


If you want to become a millionaire, you can invent a product and sell it to others. Invention requires a great deal of creativity and understanding of a particular discipline. Very few people become millionaires because of their inventions as they are large impediments to taking a product to market. However, if you can successfully sell huge amounts of your products, fortune is sure to follow. You may have to go to school to come up with an invention as most inventions come from universities and colleges. However, with determination and creativity, there is no limit to what you can invent.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Another way in which you can become rich is by successfully climbing the corporate ladder. But, only the executives of large conglomerates can achieve this status. Most executives these days are paid obscene amounts in salary. How they make the most money though is by compensation in stock options. The stocks that are bestowed upon them can increase in value and they can make millions. Very few people can do this making it an unusual way to become a millionaire.

YouTube/Online Celebrities

A recently discovered way to become a millionaire that was created with the advent of the internet is to become an online celebrity. YouTube in particular has made millionaires of several individuals. The method in which you earn money as an online celebrity is by getting paid for advertising. The more advertisers you can take on, the more you can earn. Becoming a millionaire by being an online celebrity is still a new field with few people having achieved it. The trend will surely continue into the future and make even more millionaires.


The smallest fraction of those who become millionaires does it by saving it. It may take decades to become a millionaire through this way, but if you do, it will be worth it. As stated by Grant Cardone in an article on CNBC, you should first save $100,000 and then invest it. It shows that you can make money and keep it. Millionaires who became so by saving are the least wealthy of the group of millionaires. The commitment and time it takes to amass a million in this way make it a very unusual way to become a millionaire. Becoming a millionaire is one of the hardest things to do hence there are so few of them. It often takes years to amass such a fortune. You can become a millionaire in ways that have existed for a long time and others that are relatively new particularly using the internet. There’s a multitude of unusual ways to become a millionaire. The ways to earn a million dollars are only limited to human ingenuity. There will be even more unusual ways to become a millionaire in the future.

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