Alternative Websites to Download Videos Online

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Video streaming sites like Dailymotion and YouTube are certainly the most visited and used video sharing websites in the world. Billions of people worldwide use this platform to create and upload massive amounts of videos, which takes a few minutes to hours to upload. The beauty of these video streaming websites is that it can help you in various ways. If you are a student and looking for your science lecture, YouTube is the place to go about it. If you are bored and searching for entertainment, you will find comedy, music, movies, short films, vlogs, and a lot more on video streaming websites. The best part is that YouTube has something for everyone because you will find videos in all possible languages.

An Alternative to Downloading Online Videos?

These video streaming websites never disappoint. However, one thing that can hold you back from taking advantage of video sharing sites is the need for a stable internet connection. While the internet has become a basic necessity, you may be at a place where you can’t access the internet with ease. But the good news is you can still watch your favorite videos offline. Wondering how? The advent of a video downloader has made lives easier for everyone around. These are programs designed to download YouTube videos that you can watch later offline. You can’t directly download a video from streaming websites if you don’t have access to this software.

Best Video Downloaders in The Market

Now you know how beneficial a video downloader can be. Let’s take you through some of the well-known software that you can use to download your videos fast. Quality is the key; hence these tools are selected on the basis of the quality of their output.

          Small SEO Tools

The video downloader by Small SEO Tools allows you to download your desired video in just a few clicks. Getting quality downloaded videos in seconds and that too without charge is truly commendable. This web-based tool has a text box where you just paste your video’s URL, hit the ‘Download Video, button and you are done.


VideoProc is popular because of its solid performance and ease of use. It is a fully-featured video downloading and editing tool and supports more than 1,000 video streaming sites. However, VideoProc is best suited to people who download and edit videos.

          4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is a freemium software ideal for YouTube fans. As the name suggests, the tool supports 4K videos as well as 8K videos. It comes with features like downloading and conversions. It is an installable program. 

Benefits of Using a Video Downloader

A video downloader is undoubtedly a blessing, especially for the ones who have an unstable internet connection. Let’s see what other ways this incredible tool can help you.

Make your own playlist: You might have a number of lectures, informational videos, or songs arranged in a sequence in your YouTube account. But to help you access all these videos anytime you want, you need a reliable internet connection or either keep the tabs open.

How about you save videos in a folder, organized according to your requirements? Music videos arranged in a separate folder while educational videos arranged in the other? Sounds good? But is it even possible? Yes, it is, if you are using a video downloader.

No more buffering: Imagine you are watching your favorite movie and completely immersed in it, and all of a sudden, the video starts buffering. These mini pauses of seconds can cause a lot of irritation. Unless you have an incredibly fast internet connection, you would always encounter these problems while watching a video on YouTube.

You may take another situation. Suppose you want to watch videos while you are commuting, in an airplane, and your internet doesn’t work. If the videos are already downloaded, you can watch it offline as well.

This is what makes video downloader an amazing tool. You can download all your favorite videos on your Android phone and Windows computer and enjoy seamless streaming without any interruptions.

Easily share content: You find something interesting or informative on YouTube, and you want to show your friends, colleagues, or family members. Or maybe you are a teacher, and you find useful lectures that you want your students to watch. Sending them a link to the video may mean you might have to wait for them to have a fast and stable internet connection to watch your videos. How about downloading the video using a video downloader and transferring them via Bluetooth? This would prove much easier and convenient for your friend, family, colleagues, and students to watch.

Watch your favorite web-series: Video streaming websites make money with ads. While watching even a short clip, you would find yourself watching ads in between. If you are a fan of web-series, then such kinds of interruptions can be annoying, especially when you are captivated by the story. With the help of a video downloader, you can watch all your series and episodes seamlessly. You can get rid of annoying ads and breaks.

Final Words

The mentioned tools provide you with the easiest and reliable way to download videos from the web. You can use any of them as per your desire and download videos from any corner of the planet quickly. 

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