The 4 Benefits Of Getting Massage Therapy

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Everybody knows that a massage feels good. When you’re tense or tired nothing comes close to the feeling of having your muscles rubbed down and loosened up. Foot massages, back rubs and ayurvedic massage simply feels really good. Yet, massages serve a bigger purpose. They can also improve our overall health. There are a lot of benefits to our health from getting massages. If people didn’t see a massage as an occasional indulgence, we could be seeing a big chunk of the population using massage therapy to improve their overall health. In this article, I will go over several ways that getting massage therapy will help your health improve.

Get Better Sleep

When our muscles are loose and our brain is calm and not having racing thoughts, it helps us to relax. And when we are relaxed we fall asleep quickly and sleep deeply so we wake up refreshed. Not only are we refreshed from a good night’s sleep but our body is able to restore itself. Cells are able to heal and regenerate while we sleep. So getting a massage and combining it with other sleep aids like CBD for Sleep Capsules will set us up for a whole range of health improvements from this one simple benefit. We need to sleep well.

Lowers Blood Pressure

A deep tissue massage helps to release endorphins in the body which are hormones that work as analgesic and as a stimulant. In other words, they help to reduce pain and also that makes us feel pleasure. This is the main reason massages feel so good. They also help to relax blood vessels so there is less pressure on the heart to pump the blood. Which means our blood pressure is lowered. This has other added benefits as the blood is able to bring more oxygen to cells and nutrients that they need to repair themselves.

Increases Immunity

Related to the blood pressure is the increase in immunity. When our blood circulation increases and our body is able to repair itself, then it increases our ability to fend off diseases. A byproduct of the massage is the stimulation of lymph nodes which are responsible for providing your body’s natural defense against invasive intruders, aka viruses and bacteria. Our body is able to fight off these invaders more effectively. Massages also help reduce the amount of cortisol in our body. This is a hormone that is produced in abundance when we feel stressed and can cause us to lower our immune system. Massages boost endorphins and lower cortisol so our white blood cells have a chance to fight off illnesses. Not only that, but toxins in our body are flushed so our cells can stay healthy. 

Alleviates Stress

When we are stressed, our body produces too much cortisol. When we get massages, it lowers cortisol. So, lower cortisol and more endorphins means less stress. It’s a simple formula and is easy to see in action. The feeling we get after a massage is a great way to ward off stress. 

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