How To Use Paint Tricks and Colour Blocking To Transform Your Home

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Colour blocking is a simple way to transform your home. Forget the odd pop of colour here and there—think more in terms of the bold colours that you’d see in a casino online or in a funky art gallery, or bold designer decorating. The trend is about decadence. It makes an unapologetic statement through the bold use of colour. Consider using vibrant blues, regal purples, and bright reds to stay on-trend. In this post, we’ll look at paint tricks and other colour blocking that’ll work for your home. If you’re feeling timid, hang in there—we will help you tone down the trend a little as well. 


If the idea of red walls scares you, paint your walls white instead. From there, look for curtains and other accessories to add the colour. Once you’re used to the colour, start getting bolder and add more items into the mix. Emphasise the colour well by blending it with contrasting colours to make it pop. Look for clean gem tones to add extra decadence and warmth.

Add Personality

A trend becomes boring when everyone starts to follow it. Look for clever ways to incorporate the blocks of colour in a unique way. If everyone paints their walls deep blue, consider using the colour on the furniture in the room instead. Reupholstering a sofa or armchairs allow you to add new tones at a minimal cost. Use these pieces as a focal point with delicate design elements throughout the room.  Quirky touches can help you to make this trend your own. Why not paint photo frames in the colour, or revamp cheap knick-knacks? Visit your local charity shops to pick up pieces inexpensively and pass them on when they no longer interest you.

It’s Curtains For You

Hanging curtains are another excellent option if you’re nervous about painting a whole room in one colour. Choose plain curtains in one fashionable tone or two or three trendy shades to make more of a statement. Choose full-length curtains in heavy fabrics for a dramatic, opulent effect. For a more ethereal atmosphere, stick to organza or similar material, but ensure that it’s beautifully decorated to make a splash. Richly embroidered sari fabric is an excellent option for small windows, too. One of the ways to brighten up your space and add colour block is the use of curtain highlights. Use curtains made up of three fabrics in rich tones. Three tones in one curtain provide your space with a beautiful aesthetic without overpowering it. To make it easier, look for ready made curtains.  

Less is More

Some people are timid with this trend, but others embrace it a little too thoroughly. Using the same rich tones on the walls, furniture, and curtains is too much. Instead, work out where it will have the most impact and then use different tones and textures to create interest. If your curtains are royal blue, stick to white or off-white for the walls. Royal blue walls pair well with gold or silver tones in curtains. Consider covering one wall in a luxurious, printed wallpaper for extra texture, too.

Final Notes

Making colour blocking and bold tones work for you is relatively simple. Narrow down how much of the colour you’re comfortable using and balance the statement. If you don’t want the colour on the walls, consider using it in your curtains or different design elements instead. You can always tweak the design later as you adapt to your style preferences.

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