Ways To Stay Focused At Home During Self-Isolation

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As we month into the month of July, it seems like we’ve spent the whole of 2020 in self-isolation. Everyone has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic in one way or another, and with no exact date as to when it will be over, many are struggling to come to terms with this ‘new normal’. At the beginning of it all, it was easier to stay focused. Now, each day brings forward a new set of challenges as we try to adjust to life after lockdown. Although the lockdown is slowly beginning to be eased, it is still strongly recommended that we remain in home isolation and comply with social distancing rules.

To help you stay positive during this difficult time, there are a few things you can do to take your mind off what is happening in the outside world. Here are some of the best ways to stay focused during self-isolation:

Plan Your Day

Working at home every day can leave you feeling burnt out. The lack of routine, absent opportunities to socialize, and loss of concentration can easily be improved by organizing your plan for the day the night before. 

A detailed plan of your day should take into account time to exercise, a lunch break, and also time to relax after you have finished working. It is just as important to switch off as it is to switch on your mind. Having a well-organized day plan encourages you to stay motivated and keeps you focused. Laying it all out also helps you to put everything into perspective. 

If there was anything that you didn’t manage to complete that day, simply add it onto the list for tomorrow – this will make you less anxious and feel less guilty for not completing the task on the original day it was set. A to-do list also makes it easier to keep a momentum going and check even more things off, keeping you focused on the task at hand.

Exercise Daily

There are plenty of benefits to exercising daily. Regular exercise can help you relax and sleep better as well as improve brain function, memory, and thinking skills, and increase heart rate which promotes the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain. The endorphin release from exercising also makes it a great way to reduce stress during self-isolation. This in turn can help you stay focused.

Some exercises are suited more to self-isolation, like yoga, and there are plenty of great instruction videos online for newbies. Equipment like weighted resistance bands are great for those who are missing lifting weights at the gym since they add resistance to your reps but are easy to store in the house. Many gym personal trainers are also streaming their workouts on Instagram Live, meaning that you can get sweaty and follow a qualified instructor as you do it.

If you are struggling to fit exercising into your daily routine, there are plenty of shorter workouts you can do that will still let you get a sweat on. The short burst energy will be just as beneficial in keeping you focused as a longer workout would be. 

Stimulate Your Mind

As well as focusing your body, you also have to focus your mind. Self-isolation can have its many mental challenges, but taking on one of the available accelerated BSN programs can keep your mind stimulated and focused on one goal. The Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Baylor University offers an intensive full-time program with a combination of teaching methods like online courses, clinical and lab experiences, and hybrid interactive learning courses. By adopting different learning techniques, your brain will stay engaged with the task at hand and help keep your focus easier. Baylor University is now accepting applicants for the next start date on January 11, 2021.

Limit Your News Intake

It’s important to stay connected during self-isolation and to speak to those outside of your household. Being at home all day means that you have more time to reconnect with people and reach out if you feel like you need help. However, limiting your news intake also helps you focus and relax a little. 

Taking care of your mental health is the highest priority right now, and while it’s good to know what’s going on and stay on top of any important news updates, constantly refreshing the news can make it easy to spiral into a negative mindset. The same goes for social media. 

Having a healthy relationship with the only things that are keeping us connected to the outside world can be difficult, but by creating boundaries such as ‘no social media after dinner’, you can regulate just how much time you are spending online. Other hobbies provide a healthier focus, like reading or writing. Giving your eyes a rest from the screen after working all day on your laptop can also greatly improve your focus.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The New Normal

It takes time to get used to this new version of the normal and things are changing all the time around the world. Don’t worry if there are some bumps in the road on your path to embracing life post lockdown. The important thing is not to compare yourself to others, especially on social media channels. Everyone is dealing with this difficult period differently, and there is no right answer to get you through the tough times ahead. 

Final Word on Staying Focused At Home During Self-Isolation

Make a conscious effort to try and not get too overwhelmed with current events, and to distract yourself with other activities to keep you focused. Work out which activities bring you joy and which ones are draining you of energy and focus. Your mind needs a break from negativity, and focusing your thoughts elsewhere is a great way to do this.

It’s tough right now, but you will get through this. This too shall pass. Stay safe and be strong.

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