Do You Consider Yourself A Happy Person?

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Have you ever asked yourself what makes you happy? Is it your friends, family or your job and achievements? Or maybe you are focusing on something else that may make you happy, such as buying a new car, getting a college degree or traveling to that place you’ve always wanted to. Everyone experiences a certain amount of happiness one way or the other, but does that happiness last forever? Most often that feeling is temporary. To illustrate the importance of happiness, in this essay we will talk about the ways to be happy and also tips for following a good path in life that leads to harmony and peace. So how do we become happy and enjoy that state of mind? Let’s see how we can make that temporary emotion stay i.e how to be happy in life.

Tips For Feeling Happier

While some things that influence our happiness are out of our control, there are always some actions or habits that we can change to boost our happiness. Consider a few of these or maybe all of them – and you will see how they can brighten up your day. In this happiness essay, we talk about the ones you can change. Out of all free, online essay examples that can help students with their college education, here, you can find some inspiration when writing an essay on happiness. 

Enjoy Yourself

Do things that you deeply enjoy. This will amp up your emotional well-being. Whether it is watching sports with your friend, having a long bath, or meeting up for a date, all these activities can boost your day. Or maybe do something that you love such as cooking or painting. This is also a good way to enjoy yourself. Don’t get into temptation of drinking too much alcohol or eating junk food as they will only make you feel worse. To become happy, you need to do things that make you happy. Even if it’s for a few minutes, you owe yourself some positive vibes.

Improve Your Self-Esteem

Improve the way you feel about yourself. The best way to do that is to treat yourself with respect and believe in your own worth. Don’t ever put yourself down. Confidence in your own value is one of the most important factors for happiness and positivity in life. Having a little self-respect can lead to become depressed or even tolerate abusive relationships and situations. To feel more confident, you need to set aside your fears. Never let yourself wonder if others are worthier than you. Stop criticizing yourself, instead talk to yourself as you would talk to your loved ones. 

Follow a Healthy Diet

When times are hard, it might be tempting to have only a few glasses of wine because you think bad feelings will go away. But the effect of alcohol on your health can be quite the opposite – it can make you feel angrier or more depressed. So, limit your alcohol intake and instead try out some healthier options. Choosing a well-balanced diet can make you feel happier. You are doing something good for yourself which in turn boosts your self-esteem. A healthy diet can also keep your brain and body healthy. 

Exercise More

Even a few minutes of exercise can improve your happiness. Make some time for a regular fitness session and sweat it out. If you don’t like exercising, then choose exercises that you enjoy. Even better…call a friend or listen to music. Exercise increases chemicals in the brain, reduces stress hormones, and fights depression and anxiety. So a little sweat never hurt anybody but instead, contributed to a better mood and feelings of euphoria. On top of that, research shows that regular activity may lead to lasting happiness. Moreover, people who stay active are more satisfied with their life. 

Sleep More 

Furthermore, this essay will elaborate on the importance of getting enough sleep. Quality sleep is very important for your well-being. Research suggests that lack of sleep may lead to negative feelings and lower levels of optimism. Moreover, it can affect your day-to-day job performance/ academic progress and lead to less productivity. Sleep is essential if you want to shine at work – to be focused and productive. It also makes you look younger since it boosts the production of collagen, helps for skin repair and cell renewal. Sleep is the time when your body is at rest and gets a chance to recharge, and thus prevent you from disease or other health complications. 

Smile More Often

Did someone ever tell you to smile and cheer up? It was probably not the best advice someone could give, especially in situations when you were sick and tired. It’s true that smiling can make you a lot feel a lot better. But don’t try to fake it – the smile needs to be honest. Surround yourself with positivity and develop positive thoughts – you will notice how your mood improves each and every day. Studies show that smiling can improve your mood, decrease stress, and help your immune system. But you may wonder how can smiling makes you happy since it is happiness that makes us smile. Well, smiling promotes a chemical reaction in the brain which triggers dopamine and serotonin. These in turn spur our feelings of happiness. 


Happiness seems to be one of the best emotions we can experience. But at some point in your life, it can be challenging to keep yourself happy. However, it is still possible to be happier than you are. By following certain ways to be happy, you give yourself a happiness boost even during an unhappy time. When things look dark, remember to take in mind these tips to get more satisfaction and joy in life. We all know that we can become happy again, right?

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