The Ultimate Travel Bucket List For The Young At Heart

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Travelling is an experience, not just in terms of the number of places you tick off your bucket list, but also in the lessons you learn along the way that end up changing your life. You learn not only how to explore outwards, but also how to explore inwards. This is why travelling is such an integral part of a rich, wholesome life — this dynamic of outer and inner exploration is what keeps one’s soul eternally youthful. And here are four places to do just that.

Santorini, Greece

Greece’s history and beauty is as timeless as anything could possibly be. From its mythological temples, to its unrivaled natural landscapes, Greece is a living history of both man and nature. Don’t miss the sublime volcanic islands of Santorini, or the larger-than-life beaches and stunning sunsets like nowhere else in the world. For the best experience, be sure to visit between May and October.

Aurora Australis, Antarctica

One of the best travel experiences you could ever dream of is to see the Aurora Australis in Antarctica (the south pole’s equivalent of the northern lights). The journey to Antarctica from the southern tip of Chile will no doubt be an adventure as equally memorable as the destination itself, but once you arrive and see those incredible green lights in the heavens above, all that travel will have been worth it.


California is the ultimate destination for anyone looking for the fountain of youth. From its majestic beaches, to its skyscrapers of magical redwood forests, California is a nature lover’s paradise. And when you’ve filled up on mother nature, there’s no end to California’s glitz and glam, especially in Hollywood. Plus, according to a comprehensive research report on California, the state is also home to several casinos, which can sure be a fun thing to check out during the trip.

Positano, Italy

You can’t write a list of travel destinations for the young at heart and not mention Italy. This country is the dream destination of nearly everyone around the world, but the crown jewel of Italy’s majesty is found in the stunning seaside region of Positano. Whether you’re on your honeymoon, or looking to rekindle the fire in your relationship, Positano is for you. And if you’re traveling solo or with friends, Positano is the perfect choice too. The combination of the pastel houses, medieval architecture, world class food, and remarkable beaches, Positano is a little piece of heaven on Earth.


There’s really only one factor that determines whether a travel destination can ignite your childlike sense of wonder and adventure — and that factor is your own mind. Once you decide to make that leap, the world is your oyster. After all, a wise person once said: travel is the only thing we buy that makes us richer.

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