At-Home Activities During Self-Isolation to Ease Your Stress

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The COVID-19 outbreak came as a shock to many people. Every person has been affected in one way or the other by the coronavirus pandemic. A lot of individuals have lost their jobs, and many struggle with anxiety, especially because this pandemic didn’t come with an expiry date. Many people are scared for their health and assume that every cold symptom is the virus itself. Parents are getting frustrated as they now must balance working from home with being a teacher to their kids. 

COVID-19 has disrupted reality and changed normal from what it once was. Now there is a new reality to face and we have to hope for the best in the future. Getting to the post-COVID-19 period requires each person doing their part to lower the risks of transmitting the virus. Among the strongly recommended guidelines are social distancing and home isolation.

To help you stay sane during this tough time, at-home activities can be helpful for taking your mind off your problems and creating a sense of hope again. Here are some of the best activities that you can undertake.


Physical activity can decrease feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. A big reason for this is the endorphins that are secreted while you exercise; they are known to help produce positive feelings. Not only that, but exercise also helps reduce the perception of pain. Exercising is one fantastic way of easing stress during this tough at-home period.

If you haven’t exercised previously, or still consider yourself a workout newbie, there are various ways to include movements in your daily routine, even if you’re working and parenting from the house, too. For example:

  • Instead of running outdoors, dance or take walks around the house 
  • Download exercise apps—many of them are available for iOS or Android phones and tablets
  • Start by exercising twice a week for 10 minutes and, with time, begin to increase your number of days and minutes spent exercising
  • Do yoga

Only start a new fitness routine after consulting with your doctor to make sure it is in your best interests to do so. Factors that the doctor will take into account include your current health condition, medications, and the type of new activity that you want to undertake.

Watch Movies

Keeping yourself busy by watching movies is a good way of forgetting stressors and just living in the moment. There are a lot of streaming platforms with movies that span a range of genres.

Simply look up a movie you know already that you like, and the platform will recommend other films like it, or just search by film category. Platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube are sure to keep you company whenever you feel the need to entertain yourself while at home.

Learn That Skill

Now might the best time to learn that skill or hobby you’ve always thought about pursuing in life. Before COVID-19 and the lockdown, a lot of people complained about the lack of time they had to learn a new skill. 

Now many adults have a lot of time on their hands, and making use of the at-home time is a wise move. It could be a professional skill, for example, that you work on in order to help you in your career once the coronavirus-related guidelines become more relaxed. 

Or, perhaps you want to improve your cooking skills. Learning a new recipe (or two or three) will give you something to look forward to every morning when you wake up rather than being bored at home. It will give purpose to your day, and here are free or affordable educational platforms online that can be valuable resources for you.

Play Your Favorite Games

A fun way to release mental stress is to play games. There are many games out there that can take away that tension. 

There are various platforms online, including free casinos, for exciting games that can help you pass the day and take your mind off any worries. Be sure to limit how often you check the news, too; games can help divert your mind from the pandemic and instead focus on uplifting activity.

Connect, Connect, Connect

While you cannot hug family and friends living outside of your household right now, you can still connect with them through technology. Perhaps you have been too busy with work to keep in touch with some friends, for example. Now is the time to do so.

Being home all day now rather than at the office means you have the time to reconnect with people. If you live alone, call people you haven’t heard from in a while to help take your mind off the news, your worries about employment, or feelings of loneliness that you may be experiencing. 

If you live with family, try having at least one meal together each day. This time together can strengthen the relationship you have with them.


Let’s be realistic. When did you last have a full seven to nine hours night of sleep prior to the pandemic? If you have been lacking in sleep, now is a good time to catch up on it.

Prior to the pandemic, you might have missed getting enough rest because of work, social activities, and more. Lack of sleep can make it harder for your body to fight infectious diseases so try to get in some quality slumber tonight. If you need a nap, ensure that it is only between 15 to 20 minutes so that it doesn’t end up messing with your wake cycle.

Organize Your Day

Waking up every day with absolutely no idea of what you want to achieve by the end of the day can leave you feeling lazy. Organizing your day during the night before, though, will help prevent this negative mindset.

Essentially, plan how you want your day to go. Your plan should contain the time you want to exercise, the time you want to eat, work time, learning time, and even your nap time. 

Having a well-organized day keeps you motivated and staves off stress. If there were any goals you didn’t complete the previous day, simply add them to the list for tomorrow.

Final Words on At-Home Activities

Make a conscious effort each day to do an activity that brings you joy. While this is a stressful time, you don’t have to think about COVID-19 every minute. Your mind needs a break from negativity, and the activities suggested above can help you do exactly that. 

You will get through this tough time. Stay safe and be strong.

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