6 Fun Online Activities to Keep You Entertained During the Lockdown

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Binge-watching random YouTube videos can be fun, but it can also get quite boring after a while. And you can only Zoom with friends and family members so much, because it merely reminds you that you that you are stuck at homeSo if you’re looking for some original ways to entertain yourself during the lockdown, here are 7 ideas for you.

Dress Up for a Cartoon Portrait

If you want to get a cartoon drawn of yourself or someone you know, you have many options. Fiverr is your best option, and there is no end to the drawing styles you can choose from. If you want to get your cartoon drawn as if you were a Simpson’s character, there are literally hundreds of Fiverr spots to choose from. Do you want a Dragon Ball Z-style portrait? Well, there are dozens of those as well. From ultra-realistic pencil sketches to pop art portraits, you can dress up and get your portrait done online. Usually, custom cartoon drawings are pretty inexpensive and you can easily get one for under $30, which is pretty good considering you are getting a one-of-a-kind, custom art piece. 

Know the Future with a Psychic Reading Session Online

With COVID-19 and the uncertainties that come with it,  we can all use a bit of an insight into the future. You might not have known this, but there are some very specific psychic services you can find online. From tarot card readings to past life readings, you can hire a psychic online and join an online session. Modern psychics can perform a phone reading or a reading through video conference. If you are looking to have fun, you can pretty much go with any psychic service. However, if you want a real psychic medium who can give you a proper reading and help you with life choices, it’s best to pick a psychic service that’s reputable. How do you find a genuine psychic service online? A good place to start is by checking out a psychics directory. If you are looking to find a list of psychic services in one place then the Best Psychics directory is a great online destination. They have a huge list of online psychic websites along with detailed descriptions of what services they offer.   

Play an Online Game of Pictionary with A.I.

Don’t have a drawing board or even another person to play Pictionary with?. Why not a game with an artificial intelligence? Yes, this is a real thing! Quick Draw is an online browser-based game that allows you to draw a series of objects while the AI tries to guess what you are drawing. Your goal is to draw as accurately as possible so that AI recognizes your drawing before the time runs out. It’s simple and downright addictive. You can spend hours without getting bored. And if you don’t want to play with an A.I, simply hop on a virtual conference call to play with your friends!

Go to Random Places on Google Maps

If you’re like most people stuck at home, you can’t help but look out the window and feel defeated. All your travel plans for the near future are canceled, and all you can do is imagine visiting that beach or the beautiful mountain retreat. Thanks to Google Street View you can pretty much visit any tourist place on Earth. Of course, it’s not anything like traveling and it can never possibly come close to replacing the feeling you get when you pack your bags and head out, but it’s all you got right now. Why not do a 7 Wonders of the World tour using Street View? If you want to discover random locations on earth, try websites like MapCrunch that randomly drops you in different locations on Earth. 

Complete an Extremely Unusual Online Course from a Prestigious Institute

Did you always want a certificate from MIT, but never got the chance? Here’s the thing — these prestigious colleges offer online courses on some really unusual subjects. Best of all, most of these courses are open to anyone. Want to study about the cultural history of Pro Wrestling?  MIT offers a course for that. You can even join an online course about Listening to Music offered by Yale University. 

Get Your Skin Photoshopped to Look Like a Pizza

There are plenty of weird Photoshop services available on Fiverr. One that caught our attention is the one that gives you pizza skin. You start by sending one of your selfies or a portrait shot. The one that’s sent back to you after editing is grotesque and fun. It can be a great activity for a day when you are feeling particularly adventurous or missing Halloween. 

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