Pain Management: 3 Ways to Reduce Chronic Pain

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If you live with a condition that causes chronic pain, it’s likely that you regularly feel tired, stressed, emotional and on edge. It goes without saying that constant or regular discomfort takes a significant toll on a person’s wellbeing. So, what can be done to reduce the severity and impact of your pain? In this article, we’ll explore different approaches that can be taken to improve your quality of life and change the way in which your discomfort affects you day to day.


Take Care of Your Mental Health

Thinking your way out of pain isn’t possible as it’s physical and not mental. However, there are a number of ways in which you can reduce its impact on your state of mind. Try to distract yourself with things you enjoy. Start a creative project that you’ve always dreamed of undertaking, meet with friends – either in the real world or virtually – or learn a valuable new skill. Distractions can push pain to the back of your mind and remind you of the positive things in life, reducing the effect of discomfort on your mental health. That said, distracting yourself should never equate to ignoring your problems. If things are getting a little too much, it’s important that you have someone to talk to, be it a friend, a family member or a therapist. Allow yourself to be vulnerable sometimes. It’s healthy to actively deal with problems and stress factors instead of bottling them up, as ignoring the things that trouble you can lead to greater frustration and poor mental health in the long run.

Medicate Properly

Talk to your doctor about your pain if you notice any changes or whenever you feel like it’s getting too much. They may recommend programs for you to attend that will help you deal with your condition, as well as prescribing changes in medication that may revolutionize your life. One option that has come to the fore in recent years in the United States and beyond is the use of medical marijuana. Currently, 33 US states permit the use of cannabinoids to treat medical conditions, including chronic pain. If you live in any of these locations such as Oklahoma, there is a simple and efficient process you can undertake online to get an official medical marijuana card.

Get Active

Moving more, whatever your level of mobility, can help your body to release endorphins, or happy hormones. These natural chemicals help to relieve stress and also change the way in which our bodies perceive discomfort. The result can be compared to the effects of strong medications like morphine. Your doctor may also prescribe physiotherapy, and it’s vitally important that you attend any sessions or undertake any exercises recommended through this channel. If a particular area of your body is affected by chronic pain, physio can help to strengthen supporting muscles and improve mobility, preventing further damage or discomfort and aiding in the recovery or the reduction of discomfort in the long run.  Many physiotherapists offer a multi-dimensional approach to treatment by specializing in different areas such as patient education, exercise therapy, soft tissue treatments, cognitive behavioral therapy and heat and cold therapy treatments.

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