Top 8 Most Mysterious Places to Visit for Thrill-Seekers

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1. Doll Island, Mexico

On this island, every tree is littered with scary dolls with broken heads, broken legs and arms and empty sockets. This “exhibition” was invented by Julian Barrera. One day, he found a doll from a little girl who was drowning in the canal. He believed that the doll was related to the girl’s spirit and decided to leave the doll on the island. After a while, he found the doll again. From this began his peculiar collecting. Barrera built a smoking island where he has lived for 50 years. The number of dolls has steadily increased. This story has shared a lover traveling essays on world.

One day the island flooded and he disappeared underwater, but soon rose. However, his strange inhabitant has disappeared, but he is reminded of dolls, which are often visited by tourists.

2. Pripyat, Ukraine

It is known that on April 27, 1986, after the Chernobyl accident, more than 47 thousand people left the city. It has since stopped in Pripyat and has become a ghost town. Daredevils who are not afraid of a high enough level of radiation, as if returning three decades ago to the Soviet past and traveling through empty buildings.

Residents left the city with almost nothing: they were promised that the evacuation would be temporary and, until the owners were gone, the houses would be guarded by the police. Now, in all the empty dead buildings, almost nothing is left for 29 years; everything has been stretched by looters.

3. Mountain of crosses Lithuania

The Cross Mountain is a hill on which many Lithuanian crosses are installed, totaling about 50,000. Despite its outward resemblance, it is not a cemetery. According to popular belief, the one who leaves the Cross on Mount will be accompanied by luck. Our world is full of wonders and if you are interested in the world’s culture and want to find out more about it you can check a variety of world essays. Neither the time of the appearance of the Cross Mountain nor the reasons for its occurrence can be said with any precision. To this day, this place is shrouded in mysteries and legends.

4. Thelemish, Abbey of Fr. Sicily

The Telem Abbey is famous for having called the “living devil” here in 1920 the most mysterious occultist on the planet, Alistair Crowley. At that time, this stone house was a place where quite spooky rituals and ceremonies were performed quite openly.

At present, the abbey building itself has been destroyed and the ruins are overgrown with grass, though murals with horrific drawings are still well preserved in some places. “Pilgrims from all over the world come to hear the stories of Telem Abbey and to feel the oppressive atmosphere that still lingers over the area.

5. Jatinga, India

The village of Jatinga, called “Bird Cemetery” by locals. This is one of mysterious places that has a legend: every August, just above the valley near the village, huge flocks of birds fall down with the death cry. And not all birds die, some behave like they are mesmerized. This may take several days. The locals call this phenomenon “nights of falling birds”. They go outside, sit by the fire and watch this strange phenomenon.

Two versions of these strange acts: geophysical anomalies and strong winds. Both versions are fully justified.

6. Mary King Deadlock Edinburgh, Mary King Quarter

It all began 400 years ago after the plague – it is known from the world essay example. To prevent the spread of the disease, the authorities isolated all those infected in one area, then encircled the dangerous area with a huge stone wall. Spooky legends go that in these places, there is a huge number of ghosts, which, according to eyewitnesses, even “grabbed them by the knees”.

Today the underground quarters of Edinburgh have become a tourist attraction. But they didn’t stop being scary. It is better not to go into stone mazes without a guide, and to insert new batteries into the lantern.

7. Manchak Swamp, Louisiana, USA

It is a creepy place, shrouded in mysteries and scary stories, and rightfully called the ominous name “swamp of ghosts”. The legend tells that they found their sinister swamp magic in 1915 when a servant of the Voodoo cult was imprisoned in these parts. She cursed these places and shortly afterward, several villages disappeared in the swamps, which were swept away by the strongest hurricane.

Since then, these dark and one of the most mysterious places in the world are all trying to sidestep, and even birds fly by. In some places, dry fragments of trees protrude from the water, giving the swamp an even more sinister appearance.


8. Puglia Island, Italy

Terrifying rumors accompany the story of this small island and are used in the traveling world essay. In the fourteenth century, in the era of the Black Death, people who were hopelessly suffering from the plague, which had no chance of recovery, were brought here. A large number of people were gradually dying in agony, so a mass grave was created here.

According to other data, it is known that the corpses were not buried but burnt, so the local soil is half ash of human remains. However, this is only the beginning of a terrible story. Later, in 1922, a psychiatric hospital was installed on the island, in which all patients soon began to suffer from headaches and claim that the island was infested with ghosts of the dead.

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