Reasons to Visit Macau

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Like Hong Kong, Macao was a European colonial possession. Less touristy than its big neighbor, Macau is an interesting destination if you travel to this region of China. The proof in the following points! After celebrating New Years in the heart of Hong Kong, we decided to change the scenery and go to a neighboring region: Macau. This special administrative region, attached to China, is still very marked by its Portuguese colonial past, since it did not gain its independence until 1999. Surprising mixture between Mediterranean vestiges and Chinese superpower, here are our reasons to go to Macau for your next vacation.

1. Play at Casinos in the Gaming Empire

We cannot ignore it, Macau is the gaming capital of the world and for good reason, it is the only part of China that is allowed to operate casinos. And contrary to what one might think, the Chinese are very playful! Profits reported by Macau casinos far surpass those of its Las Vegas counterpart ($ 45 billion versus $ 6 billion in Vegas). In fact, the popular bitcoin syndicate casino is inspired by the city. But it’s not the most surprising.

The Las Vegas casino hotels have been reconstructed identically on the streets of Macau (more precisely on the island of Taips). It is therefore possible to walk in the Wynn, the MGM and, most imposing, the Venetian. Replica true copies of buildings quite confusing! Regarding games, there is something for all budgets and all tastes! Do not hesitate to stop at a table to observe the parts of the cards, some of which are typically Chinese. But if you have no time to explore the tables, you can play easily on mr bet video slots to feel the Macau atmosphere. Of course, most of the tourists visit Macau for the opportunity to play casino not in gamestop. Therefore, real gambling is only there.

2. Visit Vestiges of Portuguese Architecture

Another paradox of Macau, the most spectacular points of interest are none other than Portuguese vestiges! Yes, colonization is not far away and southern architecture is still very present there. This is evidenced by the facade of the Sao Paulo church, whose architecture is very European, mixing Christian and Chinese inscriptions. Largo do Senado square, the main square in the heart of historic Macao, is surrounded by buildings with a very European architecture, but decorated with typically Macanese signs!

3. Taste Unusual Dishes

It is not only at the architectural level that cultural mixtures take shape. They especially have their place on our plates! Besides eggtart (a delight) and typically Portuguese dishes, there are also Macao-Portuguese dishes! A curious mixture of flavors rather successful with among others the Macchi-style minchi (mixture of minced meat and potato) or cozido a portuguese (braised meats with vegetables).

4. Learn to Speak Several Dialects

As you can imagine, in such a cosmopolitan and touristy place, one language was not enough. The two official languages ​​of Macau to date are Cantonese and Portuguese. It is also very easy to speak English there, given the tourist success of this region. A good way to try out several languages ​​and communicate with Macaans.

5. Reset your Visa

Surprisingly, but very practical. When you take the ferry from Hong Kong, simply making a round trip to Macau Island allows you to reset your visa. And for good reason, Macau has its own customs and visas. So if you spend a day or more in Macau, it is as if you have visited another country and, therefore, when you return to Hong Kong Island, you will be issued a new visa.

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