Top 5 Design Features for Home

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The main thing you need to know before you start developing an interior design is what you need a specific room for. Even the most expensive repairs will not make a home comfortable if its design is not thought out. An important factor in making one or another decision is the family lifestyle, daily routine, and occupation of every member. In some cases, even small changes in the layout will be enough. And in other cases, big changes like a loft conversion with can still positively impact your family simply with the increased amount of space made available in your humble abode. Also, think about whether you are ready to combine some areas, for example, the kitchen with the dining room. To determine the location of the furniture, draw a room plan and present several options on it.

How to Create Coziness and Comfort

Much has been said about interior design, but everyone decides what mood each room of your house or apartment should bring. The color scheme can be calm, bright, or saturated. It will help to relax after a hard workday or vice versa feel quite energetic. Depending on the style which you want to design your home in, you need to decide on the materials – they can be artificial or natural.

Every detail, every little thing will affect the interior of your home, not to mention large facilities. These characteristics should fully correspond not only to the shade of the room where it will be standing but also to the existing furniture. And the last thing you should not forget about is the connecting moments. A multi-colored buckwheat pillow of a small size or some colorful vertical blinds slats will help combine different colors and textures in the interior.

It seems that using things that have no special purpose in the interior is a pretty pointless idea. Why buy something that you can’t even find worthy use of? The answer is simple: because such objects denote style, which means they complement the interior design.


Designer Style Recommendations

  1. Simplicity and conciseness of forms

A good master always seeks to get rid of something superfluous, superficial in art. Modern designers also do in such a way: the form should not overshadow the content, because genius lies in simplicity.

  1. Moderate functionalism

As Italian designer Giorgio Saporiti noted: “Functionality is always primary in a good design, regardless of form. But it must not oppress emotions.”

  1. Lots of light and air, open spaces 

Minimum furniture and panoramic windows will be perfect for a studio interior. Proper lighting is one of the keys to success. It can completely change the atmosphere of any room. Try to use daylight to the maximum.

  1. The combination of several styles, eclecticism 

In the postmodern era, it is rarely possible to find an interior that has been made entirely in one style, because the rich heritage of previous generations provides too much choice. Designers are combining different styles in apartments. Design projects with the help of decor at help reflect the diversity of the world, the depth of the author’s idea.

  1. Lack of strict framework and canons

In modern design, minimalist furniture can be combined with classical stucco, sculptures, and columns with pilasters in the antique spirit, brick loft masonry with the bright decor in the Art Deco style. Each designer can express own idea in own ways, and this is the main advantage of modern interiors.

Photos by Paige Cody and Tony Lee


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