How To Install A New Font In Photoshop

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The standard fonts of Photoshop are pretty diverse, but sooner or later most designers will looking elsewhere to find more. However, adding a new font to Photoshop is not that easy for everyone. There are just a few steps, including making sure the font is on hard drive, but once you get the hang of it it’s pretty straightforward. 

Adding Fonts On Windows

The first thing you should want to do is download the font to your computer. Onlin you can find an infinite number of both free fonts and paid options. Download and save the font (it’s easiest to bring it to your desktop). 

Check The Font And Extract From Zip

Most often, fonts are served in a zip, so this will first have to be extracted. After that, go to the extracted folder and find the font in there. 


Right-click on the desired font and click “install.” If you wish, you can install more than one font, just select a few Photoshop fonts using the shift key. If with a right click, you cannot find the installation function, don’t worry, there are other easy ways as well. The font in Photoshop can also be set using the control panel, for this just follow the instructions:

  • Find the control panel in the start menu
  • Go to Appearance and Personalization
  • Now go to the fonts tab
  • Right-click on the font list and click on Install new font
  • Now just select the fonts you need and then click install

Now Try it on Mac OS

The first steps are identical, but when looking for a font, don’t forget to indicate that it will be used on Mac OS. Again, download it and place it on your desktop or any place convenient for you. 

Turn Off All Applications

In general, you need to turn off other font-connected applications to work with fonts. But some applications can also use your future font, so to keep from guessing, it’s better to just close all active applications. You can return to them immediately after installing the font, it does not take much time. 

Open The Font Book and Check Your Font

Open the zip file and find the format you need in it, that is, the .otf or .ttf format. After that just click on one of these files and it will open in the font book.


Mac OS is a very simple system, and completely tailored for the user. All you have to do is click “install font” and wait a couple of seconds. It’s as easy as that. Be sure to get it, uses Photoshop to help create all their custom signage.

Other Ways To Do It 

You can place them manually directly in the folder where they are stored. There are two places where you can put them, see below: 

/ Library / Fonts /

/ Users / <Username> / Library / Fonts /

All you need to do in this case is drag the font you need to the specified folder.

If you did everything according to the instructions then you’re all set. Open it and see for yourself. You’re officially a pro in font installation.

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