Big Sur, California is one of Mother Nature’s ultimate crown jewels, and thankfully it has been protected from massive development. But if you’re not lucky enough to live near the area, there are still ways you can enjoy mornings of breakfast and coffee along the Big Sur coast, as well as front porch campfires under Big Sur’s heavenly dome of stars — all in the comfort of a 100% sustainable retreat.

The Treebones Resort in Big Sur now offers a brand new experience in their Autonomous Tent — a 500 sq. ft. fabric cocoon perched atop the Big Sur coastline. Designed by architect Harry Gesner, designer Patricia DiMario, craftsman Andrew Macdonald, and the engineering team at ODISEA LLC., the Autonomous Tent is a collaboration between the Treebones Resort and Phil Parr’s Autonomous Tent Company.

The mission of Phil Parr’s company is to create the world’s first transportable 5-star boutique hotel to be located in secluded natural locations for one season at a time. The cocoons are 100% powered by wind and solar, and utilize state-of-the-art water filtration and composting technology. Their commitment to landowners and land conservancies is to “leave without a trace.” Looks to me like it’s mission accomplished.

You can check out some photos of Treebones’ Autonomous Tent below, and book your own dream glamping vacation at One person whose interest will certainly be piqued is freelance photographer, outdoor instructor and expedition leader Tom McNally. I’m captivated by Tom’s bikepacking trip through Iceland which was was recently featured on

“Simon and I reached the crest of the hill, breathless and sweaty, before surveying the vista before us,” writes Tom. “We looked at each other and back at the view, mouths agape, incapable of any coherent speech bar swearing repeatedly. The blackened flanks of a huge volcano jagged improbably upward, splitting the moody clouds scudding overhead. A sea of fossilised lava swirled at its base, stretching away to distant green mountains. We appeared to have reached Mordor. The track descended steeply before us, winding to a vanishing point deep in the midst of the dark and intimidating landscape.”

You can see a few photos from Tom and Simon’s Icelandic bikepacking adventure below (after the pics of the Treebones cocoon), read his full story entitled Wet Toes and see all the photos at And be sure to follow Tom’s jaw-dropping adventures on Facebook, 500px, and Instagram, as well as his incredible photography website at (Sources: Adventure Journal and Sidetracked)

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