Should You Buy Your Tickets Through Bookaway?

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As more options have become steadily available for the traveler, aggregation sites have popped up. These sites compare flights, hotels, and other travel expenses, finding the cheapest and most convenient options across the web. Bookaway is one such aggregate site. However, Bookaway compares bus, ferry, and train tickets. These comparisons are important mostly for traveling within countries and have been neglected by most big aggregators. It is incredibly difficult to find the right information on whether it is better to take a bus or a train, or which ferry operator you can trust. So, the question we wanted to answer is does Bookaway deliver? Does this website offer comprehensive, accurate information that is actually helpful? Here’s what we found.

Simple Comparisons

To start with, we tested the more straightforward comparisons. Which ferry operator between Athens and Mykonos was the best option for a budget traveler, for example? Which train between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh was the quickest? Bookaway returned comprehensive results on which train or ferry operators were available for the various dates. It detailed what times they left each day, as well as the travel time of each. Of course, the cost comparison was particularly important, and that was neatly laid out for us. With our own research and a lot more work, we found the same results. It appears that when comparing operators within the same mode of transport, the results are accurate and very useful.

Complex Comparisons

But what about comparisons between trains, buses, and cars? Of course, most ferry routes are unavailable for ground transport! We searched a number of routes, including Delhi to Agra, Hanoi to Halong Bay, and various routes within Cambodia. The results included trains, tourist buses, standard buses, luxury minivans, cars, and more. Again, the results include all the details on when they were available, the traveling time expected, and the costs. Researching every single trip we compared would have taken days, but we did work through a good few. What we found was accurate, and we never found ground options that weren’t in the comparison created by Bookaway. On the other hand, there were some options that Bookaway found for us that we probably wouldn’t have found without a lot more work.


An aggregator like Bookaway is not worth its salt without a good bookings system. Bookaway make it easy to book once you’ve chosen an option. You simply click through, specify whether or not you want a return trip, enter your details, and pay. Once you’ve completed the booking process, Bookaway promises customer support 24/7. They appear to care about their customers. People who had used Bookaway in the past and had problems gave a good account of their experience with Bookaway’s customer service. If something goes wrong with your booking – or the details are inaccurate – Bookaways promises refunds and alternative options.


Bookaway is a very useful website when looking to travel within countries via trains, buses, and ferries. Their results are very accurate and comprehensive, and booking is easy with their secure payment system.

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