Travel Friendly Apps to Pack In Your Holiday Suitcase

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Planning a faraway vacation? Need some helping tips to kill time waiting to board your flight or waste away time during a long layover? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, we have got just the thing for you and it doesn’t even take up space in your holiday luggage.

What You Need to Know Before You Travel

If you are enchanted by the thought of having something to do to ease you out of your travelling time, you will need to have a mobile device, smartphone or laptop – something portable that is able to connect over Wi-Fi or mobile data. Thankfully, airports provide you access to connect to the internet if you are out of data, or alternatively, you can simply buy a data bundle to last you over your holiday travels. Once you have this, you are set to go.

What Are We Talking About?

Social media applications are the talk of the Silicone Valley town. They are the latest in the gaming market and allow players to play online games interactively. This is where you need to be. These apps are available through your phones app store and are mostly free with in-app purchase options should you wish to further your online gaming experience or gaming career.

A team of expert gaming researchers have come back with the most popular gaming apps. Most of these can be judged by the star rating available alongside reviews. Check out some of the mobile applications we discovered.


Amongst some of the best we found the most user friendly app to be Gambino Slots, a site which offers players a dynamic gaming platform absolutely free of charge. Gambino, a free online casino app allows users to play some of the hottest video slots games available to independent online casinos. With this social casino games app, you can purchase virtual coins and kills some serious time whilst playing for free socially.

The amazing site offers a number of features such as the Mega Bonus Wheel, Treasure Vault Bonus, a VIP Club and immediate interactive social time with other players! How wickedly holidayzie of them!

iTranslate Translator

If you are travelling to a foreign country, this is the app to install. With an overall rating of 4.7/5 it’s easy to see why so many foreigners are downloading the app to use as a form of translation. The application translates texts, websites and even voice to voice notes and works as a dictionary of sorts. Free to download with the option of in-app purchases, the iTranslate Translator is perfect to run through to kill some time, learn some edgy new phrases from your holiday destination.


This one is exclusively designed for iOS or Mac users and has been intended to create music from your mobile device on the go. The free app is most assuredly a time consumer as users can really use all features to create some of the hippest sounds. Needless to say, you can listen to your own beats on a summer vacation.

Bubble Wrap

C’mon bubble poppers! Don’t deny the name has you intrigued! The time killing, bubble popping app offers user’s air filled bubble to pop in various ways. You may not want to spend hours on this one, but it’s the perfect app to utilize in a queue waiting to check in your luggage.

We know how draining travelling can be, but if you use your time well and blank out those tedious waits, we can assure you – you won’t feel so jet lagged as you might have without the help of these free gaming applications.

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