Top 4 Alternative Indie Activities

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The word “indie” may once upon a time have just been associated with alternative, independent music, but we have now made an influence a much wider area, and the indie scene is booming more than ever. To get a fix on everything truly indie, here is a list compiled of the top activities you need to be doing to satisfy your indie heart.

Music Maven

Of course, the music is still one of the key aspects bringing indie culture into the main picture, with many flocking to discover the latest independent, alternative sound and music venues. An indie club night is considered time well spent and it’s easy to see why. Smaller venues are making music more personal and giving up-and-coming artists the chance to show off their talent. While there is a vast array of indie-themed activities out there, experiencing the music remains on the list.

Hunting Down the Latest Fashion

The next big thing in the indie world is the fashion. T-shirts with bold prints are just one of the ways to showcase your indie style. Add a vintage and retro flair and your look will be oozing indie vibes. What is really great about indie fashion is that it is so versatile. You can make indie dresses work for both day and night, adding accessories to enhance your style for nights out. The key is in where you find your fashion, which is why shopping for the latest indie trends is on the list. The rules for shopping are quite simple really. Don’t head to the brands or mainstream stuff. After all, indie culture is all about independence, so being yourself and mixing things up a bit is exactly the way to go when finding the perfect indie outfit.

Indie Gaming

You need to have some chill time every so often. Gaming provides an enjoyable source of entertainment, which is also relaxing at the same time. The problem here is that the gaming world has been dominated by big name brands. It is so refreshing to play something other than COD or FIFA, so supporting indie game companies is vital. This extends to beyond consoles.  For example, seeing a company other than Microgaming in online casinos is refreshing. For something different, you can experience games by independent developers on casino sites with retro slot games. In particular, sites using the bitcoin currency are a good place to start, as bitcoin truly is the indie currency. It looks like indie gaming is getting easier.

Alternative Food

Sick of the same old chain restaurants? Fresh, independently-made food is popular. Whether there’s a food festival, street market or independent bar serving up innovative, homemade dishes, treating yourself to new cuisines is a must. A good day time activity which can then be followed by shopping session and gig, searching for the best indie food deserves a place on the list. Plus, if traveling is your thing, take the opportunity to visit one of the many annual indie food festivals around, to get a taste of indie food around the world. For example, in the UK, Leeds Indie Food Festival is not one to be missed.

What with these activities available to you, getting your love of everything indie has never been easier.

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