Of all the Christian denominations I would have to say Episcopalianism is the most evolved.  Together with the United Church and the North American Anglican Church, Episcopalians actually practice what they preach — God is Love.  It’s as simple as that.  But more and more Americans are going one step further than this by refusing to be defined by one single religion or denomination.  They’ve been nicknamed “The Nones” because when filling out census forms or surveys they check off the box “none of the above” when asked what their religious affiliation is.  Millions of Americans are fed up with the dogma-based, shame-based, and politicized branches of Christianity, and are realizing this is definitely not what Jesus Christ had intended.  If the Big J.C. were here today he would instantly reject the out-of-line and overbearing Catholic and Evangelical institutions for a fusion of Episcopalianism, Buddhism, Sufism, and Hinduism.  It’s a beautiful thing to see millions of people distinguishing the difference between spirituality and religion, and reaching the ultimate realization that heaven is not a patch of real estate in the sky that we are beamed up to when we die.  Heaven is enlightenment. Check out CBS Sunday Morning’s report in the video player below.

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