Digital Tylenol™

by • December 17, 2010 • Science, TechnologyComments (0)7297

Researchers and designers at the National ICT Australia in Sydney have constructed a smart chip that, when embedded in the spine, intercepts and blocks pain messages to the brain.  The chip is housed in a biocompatible casing that is smaller than the head of a match.  In turn, the chip is wired to a larger implanted device containing a battery, which charges wirelessly from an outside source, and a computer processor.  The chip is embedded to the spine, or another area between the brain and source of pain. The chip can measure the properties of signals and pick out the ones that are carrying pain to the nerve center. When the chip detects a pain signal headed towards the brain, it shoots out a 10-volt electric pulse that blocks the pain signal.  The device is designed for those with serious or chronic back or leg pain, however, it technically can be used for all kinds of pains experienced throughout the entire body.

Source: PSFK

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