The evolutionary function of the orgasm is far more complex than simply pleasure alone.  A mountain of scientific data confirms the orgasm is the motherlode when it comes to physiological, psychological, and spiritual transformative benefits.  In a brand new feature in TIME magazine entitled “16 Unexpected Ways To Add Years To Your Life“, the orgasm comes out near the top of the list in ways we can dramatically extend our lifespan.  Doctors say 3 orgasms per week is ideal to reap the most benefits, such as reduced heart disease, muscular workout, a powerful immune system boost, major stress reduction, appetite suppression, and much more.

A major study out of Duke University discovered similar results, proving that 200 orgasms per year can result in the benefits listed above, as well as the following: improvement in sleep, alleviation of depression, improved muscle strength, pain reduction, increased blood flow, and even the prevention of certain types of cancer.  You can read the full report at  The data also revealed that 200 orgasms per year will lower one’s physiological age by six years!

In a slightly more unconventional manner, there is another orgasm-inducing technique which is making waves as well.  In April 2014 The Atlantic wrote a fascinating feature profile of the practice of “orgasmic meditation”.  Merissa Nathan Gerson writes: “Dr. Sarah Gottfried, author of The Hormone Cure proposed just this in her Saturday morning talk.  She suggested we remodel the limbic system with oxytocin — a hormone released during orgasm.  Her message: ‘We ghetto-ize orgasm.  We have internalized patriarchy.’  Orgasmic mediation (OM) is her proposed patriarchal break down.  ‘Orgasm is a majorly needed nutrient,’ she said, ‘it reconstitutes us hormonally, emotionally, and spiritually.’ ”  You can read the full story by visiting

For more information you can watch all the videos below.  Once you’re all topped up on the details you will be fully prepared to get out there and try these techniques as “The Force Awakens” inside you.  If you master them you might even quickly become an orgasm Jedi — just be sure to use The Force for a good cause.   (Photo courtesy of Lars von Trier’s NYMPHOMANIAC).

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