With the rise of nanotechnology, gene therapy, and stem cell breakthroughs, the human body is about to undergo a mindblowing new lease on life — and then some.  With all of these exciting new discoveries, a person may some day be considered to be disabled if they’re unable to run a marathon at the young age of 200.  We aren’t quite there yet, but the race to extend the human life span is heating up in a very big way.  Google’s recently founded a new company, Calico — a startup that will focus on health, well-being, and extending the human lifespan.  And someone else at the forefront of the life extension race is the renowned biotechnologist Craig Venter.  George Dvorsky of i09 writes: “His new company, Human Longevity Inc., will use both genomics and stem cell therapies to help people stay healthy and vibrant for as long as possible.”  You can read the full story by visiting i09.com.  You can also watch Venter’s recent appearance on Charlie Rose below.

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Photo by Ian White

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