The Top 5 Scientific Reasons Why Being Single Is Good For Your Mind, Body, And Spirit

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Bella DePaulo, is a psychologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the author of Singled Out.  When DePaulo is asked if marriage brings long-lasting improvements to mental and physical health, as well as overall well-being, DePaulo’s answer is a resounding “no.”

Business Insider recently compiled the top 5 scientific reasons why being single can have an enormous positive impact in almost ever possible spectrum of life.  In point #4 entitled “No Settling”, Lauren F. Friedman writes: “One study found that a fear of being single made people much likelier to ‘settle for less,’ prioritizing relationship status over personal happiness. This is especially important because while there’s a stigma against growing old alone, people perhaps have more reason to fear ending up in bad marriages. One study of 1,649 people 65 and older found that ‘married persons who felt inequitably treated were more distressed than persons who had always been single.’ “

You can read the entire Top 5 by visiting  You can learn much more about the work of Bella DePaulo by visiting her archive at, as well as her website at, and her brilliant BLOG.


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