The fundamentals of Evangelicalism are notoriously homophobic, and as our society evolves towards a deeper understanding of tolerance, compassion, and true unconditional love, such institutions appear with each passing day to be more aligned with a morality from the Dark Ages than anything else.

One of the most revolting figureheads of this intolerant branch of Christianity is televangelist, media mogul, and former Southern Baptist minister Pat Robertson.  Famous for his insufferable views on homosexuality, Robertson has proved to be an endless source of anti-gay speeches throughout his career.  The latest of which concerns the Boy Scouts and their admirable, newly announced acceptance of gay scouts.  In a statement that aired yesterday, Robertson laments that it “breaks your heart” to see the organization “torn up in order to accommodate a few kids who want to do sex with each other.  It just boggles the mind.”

What truly boggles my mind is not that bigots such as Pat Robertson exist — it’s that people continue to support him.  How anyone with a gay friend or loved one in their life can even think of stepping foot inside an Evangelical church is something I have never and will never understand.  With so many beautiful and truly enlightened branches of Christianity available — such as Episcopalianism, Unitarian, and North American Anglican — I have to wonder what is it exactly that is drawing people towards such confused, hypocritical, and hate-filled Evangelical leaders?  As with all shame-based religions, it’s probably one-part fear and one-part blindness.

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