Las Vegas Will Run Dry In 4 Years: Watch “LAST CALL AT THE OASIS” Documentary And Shit Your Pants

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On Sunday night I watched Academy Award winning director Jessica Yu‘s documentary LAST CALL AT THE OASIS on CBC’s doc series The Passionate Eye, and I was shell-shocked.  CBC NEWS writes, “From the producers of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, ‘FOOD Inc.’, and ‘Waiting For Superman’, ‘LAST CALL AT THE OASIS’ presents an inspiring wake-up call for why you should be worried, and why the global water crisis will be the central issue facing our world this century.  With the help of environmental activist Erin Brockovich and such distinguished experts as Peter Gleick and Alex Prud’homme, ‘LAST CALL AT THE OASIS’, travels throughout North America shedding light on the vital role water plays in our lives, exposing the defects in the current system, and introducing us to communities in California and Nevada already struggling with its ill-effects, and individuals who are championing revolutionary solutions.  We follow famed environmental advocate Erin Brockovich as she visits Midland, Texas, where the bright green water found in a community’s domestic wells has dangerously high levels of hexavalent chromium, the same dangerous toxin she helped to uncover in Hinkley, California in the mid-90s.”  If you live in Canada you can watch the film for free by visiting The Passionate Eye‘s website, and if you live outside of Canada you can head over to the film’s homepage to get all the streaming links and much more by visiting

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