“Mori” From THE SOFT Has Me Dreaming Of A “Magic Mike” Slowdance From (The Hard) Joe Manganiello

by • December 2, 2012 • Funny, Hollywoodland, Me, MusicComments (0)520

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I’m not entirely sure why it happened but for some strange reason I never made it to the movie theatre to see Magic Mike on the big screen.  But all was not lost, because last night my friend Peter and I watched it on his huge big screen at his place and were treated to a life-size HD representation of Channing Tatum’s hairless ass, and Joe Manganiello’s bigger-than-life “magic wand”.  And by the time the movie ended I was reminded once again that Joe Manganiello is the hottest man in the entire universe.  This morning as I was perusing NO FEAR OF POP I came across the brand new track “Mori” from UK dreampop trio THE SOFT, and for some reason I found myself fantasizing about a slow-motion private dance in the back room of Magic Mike’s stripper club in Tampa with just me and THE HARD Joe Manganiello.  A magical dream indeed.  For all things THE SOFT be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Soundcloud, and check out their home label at

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