Hypnotized And Helpless: Please Email Me If You Know The Track On This “CAPRI PSICHICA” YouTube Video

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Vinyl Williams just posted this dreamy video on his Facebook page which features an incredible piece of music which so far remains un-Shazamable.  The video entitled CAPRI PSICHICA was uploaded two days ago by YouTube user JIHACID, and the only information embedded in the clip are the words “long lost cult Italian drug movie.”  I had my team of private investigators do some research, and Agent Scully just informed me that the strongest lead so far is a Soundcloud user named CAPRI PSICHICA registered in Italy.  The user has uploaded three short tracks over the course of the past two years — one of which is the self-titled “CAPRI PSICHICA Teaser”.  The 0:29 clip sounds very much in the same genre as the YouTube video in question, so Agent Scully and her team are almost entirely certain that this is the genius behind the music.  She and her team are on an Italian-bound flight as we speak where she promises me they will get to the bottom of this.  If you have any information on the source of this terrifically hypnotizing track please email me at FEELguide@gmail.com.

UPDATE #1: (Monday November 19, 2012 | 8:45am EST) I’m pretty sure the mystery has been solved.  Agent Scully and her team are still on the hunt in Italy for Mr. CAPRI PSICHICA and she has informed me they have narrowed down the search to electronic producer POLYSICK (a.k.a. Egisto Sopo).  You can make the comparison yourself by visiting POLYSICK’s Soundcloud page, check out his bio at Planet Mu, and follow him on Facebook.  Agent Scully also discovered that POLYSICK is one-half of the video artist collective AAVV, whose style and quality of work looks suspiciously like the video below.  See for yourself on AAVV’s Vimeo page.

UPDATE #2: (Monday November 19, 2012 | 10:58am EST) A FEELguide reader in Italy named Leonardo just contacted Agent Scully and informed her that CAPRI PSICHICA is actually a band with multiple members.  There is obviously much more to this mystery than previously thought.  As a result Agent Scully and her team have expanded their investigation to include screen legend Sophia Loren who is currently being questioned in a Rome police station.  Loren appears to have no information at this time, but indicates she once visited the luxurious Italian island of Capri in 2011 where she had a bizarre encounter with a psychic who had a flickering television in their kitchen.  This is an exciting development and we will keep you posted with any further details.

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