BUSINESS INSIDER’s Top 5 Tips On How To Stay Productive When You’re Surrounded By Assholes

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It’s November, folks, which means there’s good news and bad news.  The good news is that summer is only 223 days away.  The bad news is that we’re all about to dive head-first into the coldest, most miserable time of the year where our chances of encountering more and more shitheads in our daily lives skyrockets off the charts.

Christmas has a way of making everyone miserable, our bosses turn up the heat and turn our jobs into living nightmares, and the simple act of moving around the snowy ice-coated city becomes so challenging it’s enough to make you want to stab someone with an icicle.  Thankfully the team at Business Insider put together their list of the Top 5 ways to survive the wretched ass crack of the calendar year.  Just because everyone and everything around you is full of shit doesn’t mean you have to be.  So take a few seconds and get your 5-point survival guide for keeping your cool by visiting

And if worse comes to worse and their 5 tips just aren’t working, then you can always return to this post because at the bottom you will find what is easily the cutest living creature on the face of the earth.  Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to a slow loris eating a rice ball.  You’re welcome.

Source: Business Insider

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