The WOW Files: Bach’s Partita No.3 Prelude Is The Most Amazing Thing You’ll Hear All Day

by • August 31, 2012 • MusicComments (0)5433

There are weird things happening in the skies over Montreal.  Last night was gorgeous — I walked around the Plateau area to pick up a few things and it was hazy but not too hot, and everything looked a lot like Magritte’s “Empire Of Lights” series of paintings from the 1950s — a bright neon blue sky with everything else cast in dark shadows with glowing amber windows.  There was also a light breeze, and by the time I got home around 9pm that gentle breeze had turned into gusts of 60km/h.  It was even enough to peel the roof off of a Montreal stadium.  So I guess it was no surprise to wake up to a rainy grey sky this morning.  With that kind of rapid weather change comes a rapid change in mood as well — whenever this happens things just feel heavier.  So while getting my morning dose of classical music courtesy of Tempo With Julie Nesrallah I was taken aback when Bach’s Partita for Violin No.3 (Prelude) began playing.  Hearing this had the same effect on my brain as someone bursting into a giant old stuffy boarded-up house and blasting open the windows and doors all at once.  You can search the world all you like, but there really is nothing like the magic of Bach.  For more stories from the world of classical music be sure to visit Classical Music on FEELguide

Source: CBC Radio2’s “Tempo” With Julie Nesrallah

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