My Spiritual Mac Daddy, Eckhart Tolle, Reminds Us Once Again Of The Only Thing We Need To Know

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Some days it feels like Eckhart Tolle is keeping tabs on me.  For a little while now I’ve been bombarded by all the usual suspects of the modern world that can weigh down one’s mind: career, friendships, family, career, love, ego, and career.  And just like clockwork, Eckhart always seems to know exactly when to pop in, say hi, and put my noise-ridden mind at ease.  About an hour ago, Eckhart posted another amazing video on his Facebook page, and it’s had a borderline pharmaceutical effect on me — the perfect antidote at the perfect time.  Once again, Eckhart hits it right out of the park, and nails down his signature message of the importance of turning off one’s mind, looking around at everything in your life, and seeing the simple yet powerful beauty that connects it all.  The theme of his latest message revolves around the concept of honor.  In the following video, Tolle clarifies exactly what he means by the term “honor” and lays out yet another elegant set of optics through which one can see the world around them.  For more greatness from Eckhart be sure to visit and, and follow him on Facebook.

Source: Eckhart Tolle on Facebook

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