My Future Husband Jason Silva Releases A Brand New Video Partly Inspired By David Deutsch’s “The Beginning Of Infinity”

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What’s not to love about Jason Silva?  That mind, that energy, and yes — that adorable face.  I’m beginning to see a pattern emerging from Jason, in that I’ve noticed he releases an adrenaline-fueled philosophical short clip every few months or so which effortlessly manages to get my blood — and brain — pumping like no one else.  Jason is emerging as a powerful young voice for those of us who are fascinated by the common ground shared by philosophy, science, and culture, and it excites me to no end what this man is capable of achieving in his lifetime.  His intoxicating understanding — and resulting translation — of some of the most complex ideas of our time is so engrossing all you need to do is sit back, relax, and let your eyes and your ears crack open your doors of perception.  No chemical mind expansion assistance required.  You can follow Jason on his Vimeo page, Twitter, his website, as well as his homepage at Current TV.

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