This Slaughterhouse Beach House In Maui, Hawaii That Will Slaughter You With Envy

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What Whistler is to snowboarders, Hawaii is to surfers.  There’s really no place else like it in the world (and you don’t have to be a surfer to figure that out).  When I was living in San Francisco a while back there was a week or two when everyone was on high alert waiting for the perfect once-a-year waves to hit Half Moon Bay.  My roommate Robynn was the biggest surfing fan of the bunch and one day she got the news that the waves were arriving the next morning at 4:20am.  I had to work so I couldn’t go, but I remember how incredulous everyone was that week — it was like Ramadan for surfers.  Hawaii, of course, is even more extreme, and a couple years ago a very rich anonymous surfer/developer/mogul hired Olson Kundig Architects to design this interconnected series of 3 amazing modern surfer huts at Slaughterhouse Beach on the Hawaii island of Maui.  Here’s what the architects had to say:

“Located close to a well-known surfing spot on the island of Maui in Hawaii, Slaughterhouse Beach House expands the concept of a traditional surfing hut with three connected huts – general living quarters, guest suites, and a main sleeping area. The structure’s walls are constructed from rammed earth. In this process, different local earth-based mixtures are packed together, and the resulting striated layers are visible both inside and outside the building. The walls blend in with the surroundings, are low maintenance, virtually fireproof, and a strong barrier to sound.”

You can see a few more pics over at HomeDSGN. To get some tourist bits and pieces about Slaughterhouse Beach you can visit, and to see some Google images of the area click HERE.
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Sources: HomeDSGN via Materialicious

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