When you live on a planet that has 6,000,000,000 people who have to eat, there’s bound to be some conflict.  Greenpeace is moving fully forward with its latest conservation campaign warning about the dangers of overfishing bluefin tuna.  Greenpeace International Oceans Campaigner, Sari Tolvanen, warns:

“If we continue to fish at this rate we are going to empty our oceans.  The tuna industry is fishing itself out of business. I was astounded to hear fishing industry representatives arguing for the continuation of the status quo. Surely, if you had any business sense you would want to secure the survival of your product into the future. Bluefin tuna fishermen are already faced with the extinction of their catch and the imminent unemployment in the Pacific and the Mediterranean.”

Tuna is already extinct in many parts of the world.

Via Reuters


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