Here at FEELguide I’ve been writing about the importance of a healthy gut for quite some time. An unhealthy gut — otherwise known as a “leaky gut” — can manifest in a vast number of ways including: eczema, indigestion, obesity, autism, anxiety, depression, brain fog, constantly getting sick, and the list goes on and on and on. The good news, however, is that it doesn’t take long to rebuild your gut. All you have to do is introduce the right foods, remove the wrong ones, and you can restore order to your gut and bring and end to the perpetual civil war going on in your intestines. One person who understands this more than most others is Dr. Cary Nelson of Probiotic America. If you want to dive into the endlessly fascinating science of the healthy gut (which scientists now refer to as “your second brain” because of the enormous impact it has on your behavior and mood) just press play on the first video below. I’ve also attached some of my favorite posts related to healthy gut bacteria below. (Photo courtesy of ED Bites)

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