9 Useful Things To Remember Next Time You Go To A Pharmacy

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Most people go to the pharmacy once or twice a month. Some go to collect prescription pharmaceutical drugs, and others to buy things like toiletries, and non-prescription medicines.  However, any trip to the pharmacy is bound to be expensive. After all, pharmacies aren’t cheap.

If visiting the pharmacy is part of your monthly routine, then you are no doubt worried about the cost of drugs and toiletries, since things aren’t getting any cheaper at the moment. Don’t worry though, because this post will tell you nine useful things you need to know, which can help to save you money.

Discount Cards

Discount cards are without a doubt this list’s most effective solution, as far as saving money on pharmaceutical drugs goes. Discount cards allow you to save a fortune on your prescription drugs, meaning you can spend it on other more important things. There are a large number of discount cards available on the market, so try to find one that’s right for you (and that offers the best and most discounts).

Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions can be another way of saving money on pharmaceuticals. Some pharmacies will give you discounts if you buy your drugs for the money in advance, and then pay monthly for them to be delivered to your house. You can also buy 90-day supplies of your drugs, which can be a good way of saving money, too. The savings that you make won’t be huge, but they will be enough to help you free up a little bit of cash. You should speak to your usual pharmacist to discuss monthly subscriptions if they are something that interests you.

Home Delivery

Many pharmacies will give you discounts if you subscribe monthly, then have them post your prescription out to you. This is because pharmacies tend to get very busy. The fewer people that physically come in to collect their subscriptions, the better. Again, the savings that you make won’t be huge, but they will be enough to free up some money for you to then spend on other things. The best way to arrange home delivery is to phone your local pharmacist, or alternatively, visit and talk to the person that’s in charge. You can also send an email over to them if you wish.

Generic Medicine

One good way of saving money is to buy generic drugs, instead of branded ones. Some pharmacies carry their own line of generic drugs. Generic drugs are no different from branded ones, they are exactly the same. The chemical formula of generic drugs is identical to the formula of branded drugs, it’s just that branded drugs seem better to people, because they have a logo on the front, and carry a company’s name. Only buying generic drugs can be a very effective way of saving yourself money, since branded drugs can sell for 5x more than generics can.

Attending Sales

Like all stores, pharmacies hold sales. More often than not, the sales they hold focus more on toiletries than they do actual drugs. However, toiletries can be expensive, too. Saving money on them can be a good way of freeing up a little bit of cash as well. The best way to find out about sales is to sign up for your pharmacy’s newsletter. Most pharmacies have their own newsletters, which provide customers with important news, opening times, and sale information. More often than not, you can have this newsletter sent to you by email. Some smaller pharmacies may ask you to collect it in person, however.

Government Aid

If you are on a restricted income and cannot afford to buy your own pharmaceutical drugs, then you could qualify for government assistance. Government assistance is given to people who’re unable to afford to pay for their own prescriptions. Government assistance is a thing in most developed countries, so look into it if you can’t afford to pay for your own drugs. You will need to be on a very restricted income to qualify, though. It is also worth noting that in some countries, government assistance only extends so far. You still have to pay towards the cost of your drugs, in other words.

Old Drugs

Old drugs are usually just as effective as new ones. With that said, speak to your physician before you consider taking a drug that’s passed its sell-by-date. If your physician agrees that it is safe for you to take such drugs, then you can go ahead and buy them from your local pharmacy. Most pharmacies will be more than happy to sell you expired drugs. When drugs expire, they tend to lose strength and potency. Very rarely do expired drugs become dangerous or unstable. Research the specific drug you want to take before taking it, just so you can be sure it’s safe for you to do so.

Payment Plans

Payment plans can be arranged with some pharmacies. If you are on a restricted income but do not qualify for government support, then your local pharmacy might be willing to arrange a payment plan for you, spreading the cost of your prescriptions over a period of months, rather than it all having to be paid at once, upfront. Something else to consider is opening an account with a pay-in-three service. A pay-in-three service will allow you to make purchases online and then pay them back over the course of three months, interest-free.

Shop Online

Shopping online can be a good way of saving money. Most people buy pharmaceuticals and toiletries in person, but that’s not always a good idea. You can save yourself a fortune by shopping for what you need on the internet. Internet pharmacies tend to hold sales more frequently and offer more reasonable prices. They do this so that they can attract people who’re looking to save money, like you. Always research an online pharmacy before signing up for it, so you can be sure that it is genuine, and that it has good reviews.

It can be expensive to visit the pharmacy. However, with this post’s help, it doesn’t have to be anymore. Always speak to your physician or pharmacist if you are struggling to pay for drugs and nothing here is working for you, because they might be able to help you.

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