2 Shocking Statistics About Nursing Home Abuse and How You Can Keep Loved Ones Safe

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As much as you would like to think that putting your loved ones in a nursing home is something that you need to do, and something that they will enjoy, you might discover that abuse is going on inside of the nursing home. You need to make sure that your loved ones are still safe, even if they aren’t under your direct care.

Sadly, nursing home abuse is more common than you might think. Over 5 million people are affected by elder abuse each year, and that’s just the numbers that get reported. Here are some of the frightening statistics, as well as what you can do to keep your loved ones safe.

Abuse Can Take Many Forms

Abuse in nursing homes can take on many forms, including physical abuse, resident on resident abuse, psychological abuse and gaslighting, and even neglect and financial exploitation. All of these are forms of abuse and all of these can happen in nursing homes. 

Additionally, the abuse doesn’t have to just come from the nursing home staff or residents. Sometimes the abuse can even come from family members as well, and these family members are often under the effect of substances or have mental health problems.

Abuse Can Be Caused By The Environment

Abuse can happen anywhere and to anyone, but often the environment causes some red flags that you might need to be mindful of. For example, nursing homes that are lower in quality and lack good resources and proper staff can lead to abuse. It fosters an environment among the staff of burnout and resentment, which isn’t good for the elders under their care.

Additionally, if the elder in question is left alone or doesn’t have people checking in on them for a long period of time, that can also cause a lot of problems. Plus, if you aren’t there, then you can’t look for some of the signs of abuse.

Consulting a Nursing Home Lawyer

One of the best ways to keep a loved one safe is to visit and keep your senses open. Visit at odd times when you might not be expected, and keep your eyes open for signs of neglect in both the patients and the building. If you notice that the nursing home itself is having a lot of structural problems that aren’t being fixed, then it might not be treating the residents any better.

You should also look for unusual changes in the mood or behavior of your loved ones and any financial changes they might be experiencing. If things look suspicious and you don’t think you can go to the head of the nursing home for help, then you need to go to https://nursinghomelawyerpa.com/ and call on a nursing home lawyer.

The lawyers know the best way to communicate with your loved one, and they also know the signs of elder abuse. Then they can bring their power to bear on the nursing home and make sure that it never happens again. 

The best way to keep your loved one safe is to get them out of the abusive situation and then contact the proper authorities. Go up the chain of command and keep going up until you either find someone who listens to you, or bring in the police or a nursing home lawyer.

Take Action And Don’t Stop Fighting For Your Loved One

Dealing with elder abuse can be a massive problem and can be heart wrenching for most people. Make sure to move forward and take action whenever you see the red flags, and don’t stop fighting for your loved one’s safety. 

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