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Temperatures worldwide are reaching record highs due to wildfires, hurricanes, etc. The private sector has long started to take matters into its own hands, embracing energy sustainability and fighting the distressing effects of climate change. Tech giants have started setting goals for carbon neutrality, with many companies already using their technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence to aid in building a more environmentally sustainable future.

Consumers love energy sustainability, and more business owners are looking to participate and become sustainable companies. Evolving from intention to reality doesn’t usually follow a straight path, but the more important thing is that businesses have already begun their journey.

Everyone understands the importance of energy sustainability, from solo teams to heavy hitters. People call out for corporations to rethink their environmental impact, arguing the benefits of sustainability for the companies and their customers. A broken world is bad for everyone, so it’s up to innovative companies to start the biggest changes.

Whether you’re looking to kickstart a sustainable business or develop more energy-sustainable processes to take your business to the next level, these tips can help put you on the right track.

Develop closed loops

Good conservation reduces the wastage in the system. Great conservation leads to a closed loop where resources involved in the creation process remain. That can lead to more reusable components or pieces playing different roles in the life cycles, but regardless of the form the loop takes, it shouldn’t require outside input to continue rolling.

Sustainable companies have already started building their recycling process for materials, which allowed their business to close their production loop.

Get buy-in from partners

A little help can have countless ripples that can change the world. By adopting energy sustainability and working with partners who share your objectives, you can develop momentum for the movement and get the industry moving in the correct direction. Finding partners who perform sustainability practices can boost your impact and set up your business as an innovation leader in your industry.

Starbucks, for instance, has used its position to transform coffee into the world’s first sustainable agricultural product. They have Farmer Support Centers that aid farmers in learning sustainable practices and even earning certifications, with centers also serving as agronomy research and development centers.

Empower customers to participate

Today’s consumers not only want to buy from sustainable businesses, but they want to participate as well. Provide them the ability to do so through opportunities to get involved in your business sustainability initiatives.

All companies can partner with their customers through sustainability efforts. For instance, you can provide customers with bill credits for recycling products. You can also make your products user-repairable instead of just being replaceable. If you sell unrecyclable products, like software, try creative solutions – sponsor a clean-up initiative, invite employees and customers to volunteer. Leverage your brand to start making a difference and develop goodwill with your customers simultaneously.

The world needs help from businesses of all sizes to adopt energy sustainability practices. It needs companies to do things a little better every day. Those efforts will develop into an expectation of sustainability that will drive the industries of tomorrow.

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