5 Tips and Tricks to Prepare for the NASM PT Exam

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Personal training is an incredible career that can lead to lots of great opportunities. The job of a PT is to assist others as they map out, embark on, and achieve their fitness goals. It’s a rewarding path that can land you in corporate roles, celebrity training, medical staff, and beyond. There is no telling what type of personal trainer you’ll become, or where. But before you can set on that journey there’s one thing standing in the way: the exam. As you dream of your career, you’ll first need to take the NASM PT exam and pass. Which means a whole lot of studying. But don’t worry, there are a few ways to make the exam feel lighter and easier.

With these five tips and tricks on how to prepare for the NASM PT exam, you’ll be well on your way to an exciting career as a personal trainer.

Carve out time to study

As you take the first steps towards your career as a personal trainer the first footing begins with proper time management. To prepare for the NASM PT exam you’ll need to reprioritize some things and place your studies above all else to pass the exam. Carve out time to study, and don’t let other distractions stand in your way. If you’ve mastered the art of procrastination, studying can be a tedious and last-minute task. So, how do you get out of your way? Come up with a study plan. On a calendar, digital or physical, write down the amount of time you can dedicate each day towards studying. Preferably, a set amount of time each day fits into your normal schedule without throwing you off it, while also taking priority over certain other activities. When you carve out time to study and keep it consistent, even 15 minutes a day adds up and you’ll be full of relief that you did it, once you cross the finish line.

Use a study guide

A NASM study guide can be your best friend as you prepare for the NASM PT exam. The study guide acts as a roadmap to acing the exam. With each chapter, practice quiz, real-world applications, and test tools it can become your top resource for exam preparation. A study guide is meant to challenge you while also providing you with the necessary tools to feel confident on exam day. It comes with questions that were on former tests, which is valuable insight on what to expect. The best part is, as you go chapter by chapter, you can always look back when you need to and practice again and again. Study guides can be read linearly or skipped around. You might know one thing better than another, and the study guide is a great way to read and reread until you feel you can tackle that practice quiz with confidence. And, soon after, the real exam.

Hold yourself accountable with a study group

Where you excel in certain materials others might be struggling, and vice versa, because no two test takers are alike. That’s the benefit of a study group. The NASM PT exam will challenge you in some ways and feel easy in others, and a study group is there to help you learn the difference. There may be parts of a study guide that don’t resonate with you, leaving you confused, but someone in your study group might be able to better explain the material to you in a digestible way. On the other side of things, you’ll gain confidence in your abilities when you can assist others who are struggling. It’s a win-win situation. Plus, you’re held accountable with a study group. All those times you skipped studying, or skimmed through the study guide in a hurry, are suddenly hindered because you have to show up. Other people will know, and say something, if you skipped a study session or slacked off.

Take that knowledge and use it

One of the best ways to test your NASM PT knowledge is to use it in the real world. Ask a friend if they’d be willing to be a guinea pig of sorts, but for their benefit. As a personal trainer, you want to apply what you’ve studied to clients, but you don’t need to wait until after the exam. Create a plan for a friend and guide them. Encourage them to ask questions and to be as details, and difficult, as they’d be with a real personal trainer. The goal is to see where your strengths and weaknesses are before exam day so that you can go back and prepare. The last thing you want is for exam day to come and suddenly your blind spots show themselves.

Remember the goal

Exam preparation can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, it’s natural. But the important thing is not to lose sight of the goal—passing so you can have a more exciting career. Through the late nights, failed practice quizzes, or moments of insecurity the reason why you started can get lost. When this happens be kind to yourself, take a moment, and remember why you started. It’s easy to quit or get down on yourself, but those won’t help you help others. Every day find a reason to get excited about your career as a personal trainer, even when the exam preparation feels overwhelming.

These five tips and tricks will help you prepare for the NASM PT exam in a way that lessens your stress and builds confidence. Just take it one day at a time and you’ll discover your exam strength.

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