How To Make a Beauty Salon Client-Friendly

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Going to a beauty salon is about much more than looking good – it’s about feeling good. Clients may have several choices of salon nearby, so what will keep them returning to yours? It’s all about the experience they have during their visit. A client wants to feel like a million dollars when they leave your salon, and that means a first-class treatment is only the start.

If you want to create a space that attracts regular clients and provides a comfortable atmosphere for staff and visitors alike, read our tips below.

Comfortable furniture

First things first: investing in comfortable furniture makes such a big difference to the client’s overall experience.

When someone pays for a beauty treatment, they’re investing in some self-care and luxury for the time they’re in the salon.

With some treatments lasting over an hour, the seating you choose matters. Make sure massage tables are conducive to relaxation, hairdressing chairs have footrests to accommodate client of all heights, and professional pedicure chairs are supportive yet sumptuous to prevent back pain or discomfort.

Adjust the lighting

Harsh lighting like strip lighting produces glare and strains the eye. It can also feel clinical, which is the opposite of what you want to achieve in a tranquil setting.

Invest in wall lights between chairs to create a soft glow that frames the seating and makes it look inviting.

Consider pendant lighting above table stations to make a stylish impact while still illuminating the space enough for the beauty artists to see what they’re doing in often-intricate work.


Having high standards of hygiene is fundamental to a client feeling comfortable. If someone feels they’re at risk of illness or infection spread by unclean equipment or a staff member lacking PPE, they won’t return and may even refuse their treatment. Care about your client’s health and they’ll care about returning!

You can run through a self-assessment for NHBF Salon Code of Practice to see what is expected of professionals in the industry. Making sure you’re meeting these requirements will also prevent any unwanted legal implications that could threaten your business.


As people spend a while in salons, providing various forms of entertainment will be crucial to making them feel comfortable.

Offer magazines on varying topics to suit different age ranges and put music on in the background of your salon. Remember that it’s a legal requirement to get a licence to play music and it could mean costly fines if you’re found to be non-compliant.

Good vibes 

Last but by no means least, send good vibes to every client who walks through the door!

No one wants to feel like an inconvenience when treating themselves to a beauty treatment, so make people feel special and they’ll be a loyal customer.

This means being friendly by showing polite interest in your clients’ lives, offering them a beverage, and hiring welcoming front of house staff to make a great first impression.

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