Traveling Tips: Important Things To Bring On Your Surfing Trip

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When going on a surf trip, there are some important things you should bring with you to avoid any difficulties when you get there. Here are a few items that may come in handy while on your surfing trip.

1. A wetsuit

A wetsuit is essential to any surfer, as it allows the surfer to stay warm in order to enjoy surfing. Wetsuits come in many thicknesses, which allow you to choose your degree of warmth for the given day. Wetsuits not only keep the surfer warm, but also come in many styles and colors. Being prepared with a wetsuit is one of the most important things to bring on a surf trip because you never know what temperature it will be when you go surfing. It is better to find a store with an extensive range of wetsuits and choose the one that is best for you. Wetsuits are crucial to any surfer, so it is very important to come prepared with your own wetsuit.

2. A board from your local surf shop

When going on a surf trip, there are some indispensable things that every surfer should bring with them. One of these things includes bringing their own board from home, if they have an extensive board they bought in a specialized surf shop in their area. If you have a board made specifically for the place in which you live, bring it with you to avoid having any problems while abroad. If you do not have a board from your local surf shop, we suggest going to one and trying out different boards to see what works best for you. Having your own board allows for an easier time surfing without worrying about learning how to use someone else’s board. Make sure to choose the right length of your board because each person has different needs depending on their size.

3. A surf leash

A surf leash is another essential thing for any surfer to bring on their trip. Unless you plan on surfing close to the shore and in shallow waters, a surf leash is important because it keeps your board attached to you so that there’s no chance of losing it. This also ensures that your board won’t get destroyed or damaged if it falls off when you don’t want it to. Some surf leashes are only feet long, while others can reach up to fifteen feet in length. If you prefer having a shorter leash where you do not have to hold onto it most of the time, we suggest getting one that is about six feet long. You can also go with one of any length in between these two measurements, depending on what feels more comfortable for you and what kind of waves you like riding the most.

4. A first aid kit

A first aid kit is another important thing for you to bring on your surf trip. When going to a new place, it’s always best to be prepared in case of any injuries. This is why we recommend bring a first aid kit with you that includes many supplies such as bandages and medicine like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. It is better to be prepared than to not have anything in the event of an injury. A first aid kit is important for any surfer, so it’s best to bring one with you on your trip, so you don’t have to worry about getting injured while surfing.

5. Sunscreen

Many people forget about wearing sunscreen, but it’s important to remember that even if you’re inside or under a shaded area, it doesn’t protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. A wide-brimmed hat can also help block out some of the sun’s rays and give you some shade, so don’t forget one of those as well! Wearing sunscreen while surfing helps prevent any harmful effects from getting too much sunlight, such as sunburns and skin cancer. We recommend applying sunscreen often, especially after getting out of the water. To stay protected while surfing in sunny conditions, make sure to bring lots of sunscreen with you when going on your trip.

6. A change of clothes

A change of clothes is another thing that we recommend for you to bring with you on your trip. This means a change of clothes for after you go surfing, as well as a change of clothes to wear while surfing! A pair of board shorts and a rash guard is typically what most surfers wear, but if that seems uncomfortable or too hot, then feel free to bring another set of clothing with you that feels more comfortable. We also recommend bringing some nice walking/surf shoes, as well as an extra towel in case you need more.

7. A camera

Whether it’s a smartphone or a regular camera, we suggest bringing one because it’s very nice to document all your memories from traveling and surfing by taking lots of pictures and videos. Make sure to bring extra batteries and memory cards as well for any camera that you choose to bring along. Also, don’t forget any chargers that you may need! We recommend bringing a camera with you so that you can take pictures and videos of yourself surfing, which you can then share with your friends and family. If you don’t have a camera, a phone will work just as well!

8. Earplugs

Ear plugs are another essential thing to bring with you on your surfing trip. When out in the water with other surfers, you may encounter some loud noises from people shouting or your surfboard hitting the water. Ear plugs are important to bring along on your trip because they can help protect your ears from any distracting noise or water getting in your ears. We recommend getting all of these things before going on a surfing vacation, but always keep an eye out for good deals because it is always nice to save money where you can. 

Many people say that bringing the wrong things on a trip can ruin the whole experience, but we believe that by following this list of eight essential surf travel supplies, you’ll be able to make it through even the roughest of trips without worrying about messing anything up.

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