Top Ways To Spice Up Your Vegan Meals

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If you are a vegan or have decided to give veganism a try, it can be hard to find creativity in cooking. But there are so many different ways to make your meals exciting. This blog post will talk about some of the top tips for spicing up your vegan dishes and making them more enjoyable.

Replace meat with tofu or tempeh

One of the primary things people do when going vegan is to replace the meat in their favorite meals with something else. Tofu and tempeh are wonderful substitutes for meats because they have a very similar texture, but without all of the fat and cholesterol that comes from eating meat. In this case, you can try one vegan breakfast with these meat substitutes to provide you with the energy that you need to last the day. Like with meat, tofu and tempeh can be fried, baked, or prepared in a variety of other ways.

Incorporate spices into your dishes

Spices can add tremendous flavor to any dish, vegan or not. One of the best ways you can incorporate spices into your dishes is by using them as a rub on things like tofu before you cook it. You could also use spices in baked goods to make them more flavorful and fun for people who love sweets. Another way you can spice up foods with these wonderful flavors is through marinades. Marinades are a great way to make your dishes extremely flavorful and can be used for meat or non-meat items, which is also very convenient if you want an option that would work well with everybody in the family.

Find out what spices go together

When trying to figure out how to spice up vegan meals, it may seem difficult to think of what spices go well with each other. The best way to do this is by doing a simple web search on the subject and finding out which flavors go well together because there are plenty of articles that will tell you about these combinations. You can also ask for recommendations from friends or family members who are vegan because they can tell you what spices and flavor combinations they like the best.

Make your meals more exotic

Another great way to make vegan dishes stick out is by making them feel more unique and foreign by adding different spices and ingredients from around the world. The first thing you should do when wanting this type of meal is visiting an ethnic grocery store. There are so many spices that you can use to make your dishes more exciting, like curry or cumin. By adding these unique flavors into the dish, it will feel like a completely different meal than what you ate before.

Make use of different vegetables in dishes

A great way to spice up your meals is by utilizing different types of vegetables. There are so many colorful veggies out there that it should be easy for anybody to find at least a few varieties that they like. By incorporating these vegetables into your dishes, you can help people stick to their vegan diets while also enjoying some new and exciting flavors at the same time. Make sure to experiment with what vegetables go well together, and what recipes could use a little bit of help in the flavor department.

Add vegan cheese and butter

One of the top complaints about going vegan is not being able to eat cheese anymore. Fortunately, there are a lot of dairy-free cheeses that you can add to vegan dishes. In many cases, these cheese substitutes taste even better than the real thing and have less fat while containing more calcium. Butter is another food item that some people miss being able to eat on their new lifestyle choice, so it is important to find a vegan butter substitute as well. Many vegan kinds of butter contain healthy fats and taste great, so it should be easy to find one that suits your needs perfectly.

Try adding nutritional yeast to your meals 

For an extra boost of protein and vitamins, try adding some nutritional yeast to your dishes. This type of salt is packed with B vitamins, which are great for healthy hair and skin. It also has a nutty flavor that people will love adding to their meals because it gives them something familiar while still feeling different from what they used to.

Experiment with different types of beans

Black beans are great in tacos, chili, or other Mexican dishes. However, there are plenty of bean varieties to choose from that you should experiment with because they all have their unique flavors and textures. For example, red beans are great in sauces while garbanzo beans make for a delicious hummus spread. You can also opt for a bean variety that has a more unique texture, like black-eyed peas. The possibilities are endless and it is up to you what type of beans will give your vegan dishes the perfect flavor combination.

Enhance foods with different oils

There are many types of oils out there on the market which can make cooking a lot easier for those who choose to go vegan. The first type of oil you should look for is organic coconut oil, which tastes great and can be used in a wide variety of recipes to give them an exotic flair. Another good option would be avocado oil because it has the perfect flavor combination that tastes delicious with many different ingredients. Both oils are also very healthy options compared to others that are also available on the market. Try to experiment with different oils and see what works well in dishes that you already know how to make.

If you’re looking to add variety and flavor to your vegan meals, try the tips listed above. Replacing meat with tofu or tempeh in dishes like tacos, spaghetti, and chili. You can also experiment with different types of beans and add spices such as paprika, cumin, garlic powder, and basil while cooking for extra flavor. Finally, try adding nutritional yeast which provides protein and vitamins that will help fuel you throughout the day. These simple changes will make your vegan dishes more delicious without sacrificing taste or nutrition, so what are you waiting for?

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