Incredibly Cool Gifts For Your Friends And Their Pets

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Pet gifts for pet owners are not easy to find. You can’t just give them an ordinary toy or food bowl, you need something special. Here is a list of 7 pet gifts that will wow your friends and their pets!

Custom Pet Portraits

Nothing beats a custom pet portrait. You can get one made for you, your friend, or their pets. There are many talented artists who do pet portraits, but it might be tricky to choose the right artist. If you are unsure, take a look at customer reviews and portfolios online and pick a site that will provide you with high-quality, hand-painted art pieces. You can also get this custom-made and framed for you! According to the pet portrait professionals at the best-sellers are cat portraits, dog portraits, and horse pet portraits. If you are really creative, then try drawing or painting a portrait of your friend’s pet. If you aren’t good at either of those things, ask someone who is to help. 

Customized Pet Bowls and Mugs 

Get a bowl that looks like their pet’s favorite toy (for example: if their dog loves sticks; get them a bowl that looks like a stick) and vice versa. To make the food look even better, get it served in the shape of Scooby-Doo bones like these ones! Your friend will be so happy he’ll wag his tail, or her tail (depending on the pet). If your friend loves their pet, then they probably love drinking coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to unwind after a long day. Get them a custom mug for their morning beverages that looks like their favorite furry friend! For example; if they have a dog, get them a blue-colored cup with brown spots like this one. If you want to be creative and make it yourself, here’s an instruction guide on how to make your own pet mugs at home. 

Pet Pillow Cases

These are fun gifts because you can always switch out the pillowcases according to the season. Have one side of the case as a soft, fuzzy side and the other side as a fun print. If your friend has a cat or dog, then you can go for prints that look like their pet or show off their personality. If they have fish or reptiles, then get them a custom tank top that represents their pet’s characteristics. The best thing about these is that there are so many designs and varieties you can choose from which makes it easy for you to find something that looks just like their pet. If your friend has any fabric lying around, this is an amazing idea because they can sew some pillows themselves with their pet’s face on them. That way, whenever they want to cuddle up on the couch or bed, they’ll feel like their special friend is there with them. You can get fabrics of all kinds at local craft stores so the only thing left for them to do is pick and choose their designs. Then, get them to sew some cute pillows for their furry friend! 

Custom Pet Board Games & Tote Bags

This is a great idea because board games are fun to play with friends and family no matter what age! Depending on the type of animal your friend has, there will be plenty of different board games you can choose from. Find a board game that is suitable for their pet, easy enough to play, and doesn’t take long to learn how to play. This way, it will be fun for you both when playing the game! If your friend loves going shopping or taking long walks in the park with their pet, get them a custom-made bag so they can take everything along with ease. This is also perfect for carrying hot drinks on days where it’s nice and sunny outside because you can just put your cup in the pocket and avoid burning your hands. There are tons of different kinds of totes that you can choose from backpacks, shoulder bags, and even simple plastic totes. The best bet would be to go for something that looks like their pet’s fur color because then they’ll feel closer to you.

Dog-Friendly Furniture And Accessories

Pets deserve to have their own furniture, treats, clothes, and accessories. You can find many pet-centric stores online or in your neighborhood so you can pick something that will make both your friends and their pets happy. A dog treat jar is an excellent gift for pampered pooches that like to snack between meals. They also make special food bowls, beds, and mats that are chew proof, waterproof, and easy to clean. Cat owners know how important it is to keep cats off of countertops (they like to explore). Give your friend some cat plans or a good scratching post to keep both their pets safe.

Pet Birthday Cake & Anniversary Cakes

Not everyone celebrates birthdays and anniversaries of their pet, but if your friend does, you can get them a special treat! This adorable Puppy Love Pet Cake looks like a dog biscuit while this Dog Bone Cake looks delicious (even though it is actually made out of fondant and gum paste). Make sure you order ahead because these cake orders can take quite some time to process. You should also check the reviews online since there are other bakeries that can make better-tasting cakes.

Coupons & Food Samples

Got an adult friend who has no interest in toys? Get them coupons for free doggie treats or even a free dog walking service for their next vacation. There are many coupons on the internet that you can use to save some serious cash on products and services your friend or their pets will actually use. You can also try sending them food samples of healthy foods made out of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Pets love these kinds of “people” foods!  Plus, these kinds of treats and samples can be found at just about any grocery store. In case you forgot to get a gift for their special day, there are always coupons left right under your nose! Get them a coupon book with both printable coupons or even ones they can use online. You can also do the same thing as above, but this time it’s for pet services like dog walkers and pet sitters. There are quite a few out there that charge ridiculously low prices so it would be great if your friend could find someone who comes to their house and watches their pets while they’re away on vacation or at work. 

In conclusion,  there are many fun and unique gift ideas for your friends who love their pets. Make sure you look around online or in stores to find the perfect gift and you’ll definitely make your friend and their pet’s day!



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